Corona Virus and Medicare Plans: What to do when Unemployed and Need Medicare

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Corona Virus is impacting folks on Medicare. Seniors are the most vulnerable to the virus. So how will your Medicare plan perform when you are needing Corona virus testing and possible hospitalization?

This video takes a look at the research into the new laws passed and the executive order, directing CMS to change policies on Medicare coverage of the Corona Virus.
Update: 3 Night Rule Waived for Skilled Nursing Care during Emergency Declaration.

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Corona Virus and Medicare Plans: What to do when Unemployed and Need Medicare

14 thoughts on “Corona Virus and Medicare Plans: What to do when Unemployed and Need Medicare

  1. Medicare advantage plans should be required to offer hospital indemnity insurance or at least make their customers aware of it. The hospital co pays alone could easily break the bank for many folks on advantage plans.

  2. These folks are the real deal. I made mistakes choosing a supplemental plan for my wife and I when we turned 65. We are so grateful to Senior Savings Network for helping us change to much more appropriate and affordable plans. This will benefit us for the rest of our lives. God bless you.

  3. I’m 62 and not even eligible to apply for Medi-Cal but just listening to you is soothing and I look forward to. Calling on you when the time comes. If I live to breathe tomorrow. Thank you.

  4. Chris… Just want to say again how much I respect your efforts (and your office staff) to help seniors. You have been a blessing to me when I first signed up 3 years ago and again at the end of Feb to convert my plan G to a plan N. Be safe!

  5. Just to be clear… if someone over 65 loses his or her job with, say, 30 days of coverage still at the company’s expense, he or she can get enrolled in Parts A & B plus a supplement and stand-alone PDP, starting the first day of the following month? And, if he or she misses a month in the shuffle, how long do they have to enroll without a penalty? Thanks!

    • A person losing their employer plan has a full 8 months to sign up for Part B before there is any penalty, assuming they had deferred their Part B while working.
      There are two forms to fill out. One is the application for Part B (40B form) and the other is the Employer Verification of Prior Coverage form.
      Those need to be sent in to their local Social Security Office, preferrably in an overnight envelope marked “URGENT”. Then, the Part B could be started as soon as the first of the next month.
      The Medicare Supplement and Part D can start on the first of the next month, also.

  6. Why should any senior citizen or disabled person concerned about Medicaid or Medicare is the fact is why is it these big ships one of them in New York Harbor and they’re going to allow for 50 people on today’s ships to be checked out you’re not going to be charged any money it does it’s a humanitarian thing so therefore why shouldn’t it be a humanitarian thing to let the government pay for the event for senior citizens in the disabled. We should get the story correct people are going to be using Medicaid Medicare because it’s a humanitarian event that’s right

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