Congress holds first Medicare-for-all hearing

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The House Rules Committee holds first hearing in Congress on Medicare-for-all — the idea pushed by progressive Democrats running for president to convert the U.S. health-care system to a government-financed model. Read more: . Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Congress holds first Medicare-for-all hearing


31 thoughts on “Congress holds first Medicare-for-all hearing

  1. In my part of Texas I know a lot of people don’t even make the hospital trip because the ambulance ride cost $800. Hospitals charge you to even breathe inside the ER. Ridiculous prices I really hope this goes through

    • When the ignorant go vote and create an environment where being involved in the healthcae business is no longer profitable, how many of those companies will stick around ? How many will create new / better products ? 
      Most people with money, who live in those other industrialized nations you mentioned, they come here for their healthcare needs. 
      Mick Jagger is just one recent example. He could have had his heart surgery for “free” in the UK but decided to fly to another country and pay out of pocket. Why ? Because even though healthcare in the UK is “free”, it’s still much better here in the US. +R. Forrest Blount

    • +Tobias Forge , who cares what happens to health insurance companies. The point is, we don’t need them. They are a substantial blight on our pockets and our health. They are unnecessary. Now, healthcare companies will stick around because $32 trillion over 10 years that Med4All is projected to cost is still a gigantic pot of money for profiteers to chase.

      You are spouting myths about wholesale numbers of people flocking to our country for health reasons. There have been too many international youtube commenters to count who say that it is NOT TRUE, and give facts and personal experiences regarding their own healthcare systems to back it up. So forgive me if I attribute your protestation to more misguided obfuscation. Nobody is listening anymore.

    • I think we can agree on some of that. I personally don’t think there is any need for insurance companies. Most people would be better off without their insurance if they knew how to mange their funds. Of course some people benefit from having insurance but most people do not. 
      If insurance companies can cover the cost of claims and still have money to build offices, pay their employees, pay for TV ads and still make a profit… there is no reason why people shouldn’t just self insure. The problem is, people are bad with their money and most people are horrible at planning for the future.
      +R. Forrest Blount

    • if it does go thru, better brace for LONG wait times to get an appt. Unless you’re dying, bleeding, a jailed felon, or an illegal immigrant. Regular folks? forget it

    • Shhh! The right wing will get upset if they lose any of their oil/regime changing money. Be a patriotic American and go find a windmill to karate chop the cancer out of if you really care about the health of people!

  2. Boy you can sure tell who the conservatives are. Perfectly coiffed and talking employers employers employers ins Co inc Co inc Co!!

  3. Medicare for All. Replaces private insurance as the funding source. Replaces the complexity of private insurance. Does not replace doctors and hospitals.
    Doctors have said that people won’t need to go to an expensive ER when not needed. That will save money. More health checkups. Less money.
    Why would changing the source of paying providers cost more? Doctors offices won’t have to pay staff to negotiate with private insurance companies.
    Use brainpower to work on the pricing model for providers. A single payer, the government, and a pricing model. A lot simpler than today’s complicated insurance zoo.

  4. If other countries can do it US can do it, if you want it. 35000 american die every year and you have a not declared a national crisis. Do you not care about american lives?

    • Haven’t you heard dude, our country is overly full with people. Good news though, the plan to fix everything is for everyone have more babies! Gotta love that government wisdom. It’s gonna fix the Debt, and Climate Change, even Healthcare! The Republicans said so.

  5. US use 100% more than Canada, US can dobbel the service for the same cost that they have to day. With a little bit of prio all the tings that you think is wrong with the Canadian system could be fixed.

  6. Also, the ‘good ol boy’ congressman, Ms. Lesco(Congresswoman?), and Ms. Turner on the panel. Screw all three of you for your bs. Your questions and answers were in the least, dishonest. At most, blatantly ignorant of the actual information being given. ‘Loss of coverage’ No you friggin bellends, CHANGE of coverage. Just as Congressman McGovern said, they’re trying for sound bites. Bring an alternative to a breaking system or shut the f up so real ideas can be given.

  7. The woman on the very right with a thick necklace keeps saying why we can’t do this. is that all you’ve got seriously?
    people are here to have a conversation on how we can do this not how we can’t do this.

  8. They forget its not their money. It belongs to the ones that paid it in for THEIR COVERAGE. Crooks that must be arrested.

  9. This testimony makes me very angry, putting profits over the health of people, making wealth as the only guarantee of effective healthcare. I have a sister-in-law who quit her health insurance job because her job was to deny individual claims 3 times as a matter of business protocol – despicable from a class of people who just don’t care.

  10. GOP: M4A can only be done in smaller countries.

    Rational: The more citizens being taxed = more revenue TO FUND these programs.

  11. That’s right Gracr Turner, you constantly fix your hair your coiffed hair and concern about how you look on camera. Meanwhile you got the pharma industry in your back pocket. If that’s not partisan I don’t know what is.

  12. If Medicare is good for people over 65, why isn’t it good for people 0 to 64? What a bunch of stupid nonsense from the republicans…

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