Company accused of massive Medicare fraud

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A company that runs 2,000 dialysis clinics in the U.S. is accused of making hundreds of millions through Medicare fraud.

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Company accused of massive Medicare fraud


12 thoughts on “Company accused of massive Medicare fraud

  1. Oh crap! Does that mean this CEO will get to be the next governor of
    Colorado? Because that is how the governor of Florida made his money,
    cheating Medicare out of billions, earning top salary and rather then going
    to prison he got to be governor of Florida. Remember, if you steal a candy
    bar from a 7-11 you are going to jail. If you steal billions of dollars
    from Medicare you get to keep all the money you stole and become a leading

  2. It’s actually much worse. Medicare itself is corrupt. So, in fact, is all
    of healthcare. Nobody wants to abolish diseases any more; they bring in too
    much money. Here’s my story: in 1994, while at the St Louis VA, I worked
    out how to prevent 90% of dialysis. I published the story in a scientific
    journal in 2002. Nobody, including Medicare, had the slightest interest in
    pursuing my paper. Obamacare relies on AHRQ and HHS to lower healthcare
    costs; they had no interest in eliminating dialysis. 

  3. The Federal Government, the U.S. Attorney are closing their eyes and backs
    on case of fraud against Americans for the tune of Hundreds of millions and
    then some ! What the hell is going on… are they too big to bust, or is it
    that there be spillover onto the feds.,congressmen, senators and other
    .Washington insiders ?

  4. OF Course their Degenerate Attorney is going to Defend the phony Company,
    thats what they PAY her to do ! Just Another ENRON, WORLDCOM, TYCO only on
    the Healthcare side this time ! “Medical / Healthcare Fraud” has been going
    on for 25+ Years with these Greedy Phony Criminals and their getting Rich
    and killing people doing it !

  5. This company is now sending their patients (like me) dramatic e-mails about
    how their medical care will be compromised if medicare cuts payments for
    dialysis by 10%! I was going to post a link to the Davita website so you
    could go look for yourself, but youtube doesn’t allow that.

  6. David Moskowitz has a treatment that could put Davita out of business but
    Healthcare is too ignorant to use it. It is just 2 pills if you do it early
    on and can reverse Diabetic and HBP CKD (which is the majority of those who
    are in Dialysis). If this were true then I would love to see this company
    go out of business.

  7. Thing is, is that people are too afraid to speak up and have the balls to
    investigate Davita as they think Davita is a good company or could go after
    them for libel. Davita is a company that does not have much dirt, but there
    might be some dirty laundry somewhere, but has not been found yet. I do
    know that dialysis is a self regulating industry and they are exempt from
    certain medical conflict of interest laws. This industry needs to be
    investigated, but it will take someone with courage to make a film or
    really figure out what is going wrong.

  8. As a former DaVita patient for 6 years I have been exposing the criminal
    practices of this so-called healthcare provider. DaVita has been fined
    numerous times totaling billions of dollars. Chump change fines have
    resulted. Too BIG to prosecute!!!

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