46 thoughts on “Chapo Trap House – Pod Save America and Medicare For All

    • Heretical Hershey I forgot nationalized banking. Those are the sectors of the economy I would want 100% nationalized. Other sectors are debatable, but scale matters as well.

      Agriculture, Healthcare, Banking and Energy have moral implications for why they should be nationalized. Those sectors of the economy can also hold a civilization hostage the way other sectors can’t.

    • Nationalise the healthcare system. That way you can integrate private insurances in the system but dictate the terms the system works. And if you pay more in a private healthcare you have some supericial benefits. But still the nessesary provided healthcare for the rest. That way the rich can still feel better but not at the cost of the public.

    • Jon Snor

      cucking never works.

      every ceo in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industries _should_ be tried for murder. their assets seized, both personal and business and spent on the people

    • +Strawman Akkad That is sadly impossible under the law, i would be fine with taking their power over the system away.

  1. Dear Mr Chapos sister podcast would be something like cumtown or red scare and would be used as a term of endearment. Pod save is more like your pervert neighbour podcast

  2. Didn’t these bums spearhead that last big astro-turfed Obamacare rehaul that fell flat on its’ face? Guess they still haven’t figured this out yet.

  3. You need a high IQ to understand Obamacare.
    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Obamacare. The cynicism is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical politics most of the pablum will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Obama’s neo-lib outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation –

    • I think I have a fairly good grasp of how the ACA works, its shortcomings, and how it has helped citizens. I don’t know how high my IQ is, but I am fairly motivated to understand it because I have to get my insurance through the ACA. What I will say is that all insurance schemes require a bit of knowledgeability to navigate them, particularly if your medical issue isn’t covered under a policy. Someone like me is uninsurable because I have an autoimmune disease. My father died because he couldn’t buy insurance. He was born with a heart condition. So the ACA has helped people like me, it would have saved my father’s life.

      My problem with our healthcare system is its complexity. It is complex for a reason, because within complexity is the ability to steal from people. This is why I am for government ran health insurance that doesn’t have a profit motive. Private insurance companies profit from denying care, and making policies extremely complicated so you do not know what is covered and what isn’t. A single payer system doesn’t require a lot of intellectual capacity to navigate it. Are you sick? Well go to the doctor. And I think people are beginning to understand this finally. I have been waiting for this moment for 40 yrs, when my father died at 45. Because even as a kid I knew the system sucked and my dad died because we weren’t rich.

    • Private insurance options are very complicated. And piles of paperwork.
      And you might not be properly covered when you need it.
      Or medical treatment may be declined.
      What could go wrong?

  4. Just marvel at the fact that a Democratic Primary candidate, who “lost”, singlehandedly as an avatar lurched public opinion on Medicare4All violently to the Left.

  5. Oh whew the funny podcast guy said I wasn’t less liberal than my punk nephew on Facebook. I was worried that the human sacrifices required to keep these dividend payouts coming made me bad but it turns out there is nuance and complexities and intricacies and convolutions and details

  6. A lot of Americans have very little money.
    Where are they going to get the money for insurance? And insurance options are a PITA. And some people get really sick by chance. Others don’t.
    What if everybody was fully covered at no cost? No bankruptcies. Sure, people with money would pay higher taxes but no separate healthcare expenses.
    Sounds like Medicare for All. No giant insurance manuals. No piles of insurance paperwork. Just healthcare for anyone who needs it.

    • Taxes, if you adjust the taxes and the costs to how much people earn, that shouldnt be a big problem. And you pay through taxes, like the police or schools or any public service ever.

  7. The private healthcare industry is a failure in terms of outcomes and the fraud waste and abuse. Many think that private market options are free of waste. They aren’t. The free market just passes the cost of fraud on to customers and adds to the ocean of debt where the American economy is drowning.

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