Can I Use USA Medicare In Mexico ? ,San Miguel, Pueto Vallarta, Cancun,Oaxaca,Cabo

Can I Use USA Medicare In Mexico ? ,
San Miguel, PuetoVallarta, Cancun, Oaxaca, Cabo, Mexico city

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Discover what they think about the medical care in Mexico, the expat community, and their lives now that they are living in Mexico in what many call paradise.

Whether you are in the transition towards retirement, or ready for a financially independent lifestyle, you will find this video informative.
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.We have enjoy our world tour of 35 countries in the last 25 years. In 2012 we returned back to the big Island of Hawaii and bought a small cottage. For 2 Years we using Hawaii as our home-base.
We now have moved to Mexico and using Mexico is our home-base as we continue to travel around the world.
We have been asked by our friends to start this YouTube channel blog to share our experience and give some tips on budget travel.
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Can American LIVING In Mexico GET Medicare Benefits In Mexico ?

48 thoughts on “Can I Use USA Medicare In Mexico ? ,San Miguel, Pueto Vallarta, Cancun,Oaxaca,Cabo

  1. Lori you are too funny. Jerry don’t “say it all”, cute and full of great happiness beautiful Lori. Thanks Jerry for all the great information you provide.

  2. So if important mail is delivered to your US address, is there a way to get it to you in Mexico? How is the mail service???

  3. Jerry, maybe you could do a video about Americans earning money in Mexico. From art, teaching english to starting a business.

    • Like any place in the world some places are safe than other places. If you live in a border town in Mexico that may not be too safe. But if you live in the interior part of Mexico overall it is safe. I have been traveling here for over 40 years and my personal opinion is that it is safe.
      That’s ask him other people see if they feel it safe in this video.

    • YaboiiLegend27 Take advantage of the taxes you’ve already paid there and stay in the U.S., man. Just saying.

  4. Thank you Lori and Jerry! Love your informative videos. I’m looking forward to banking and social security. I would also be interested in steps to buying a home, home inspection, insurance cost for homeowners. Thanks so much!

    • See list below a real estate agents and see a link on buying or renting a home in Mexico.
      Next Saturday we will post two videos social security and banking.
      I give the list of the real estate agents because they are the professionals to help you locate your dream property.
      Yes they do have home inspectors here and also I would use a home inspector and find a architect builder to inspect your home before you buy. Get two opinions or three.
      Cost of homes?
      Lately the market has turned so it is a sellers market most of the $200,000 and under are hard to fine.
      ( not impossible but much more difficult then in the past )
      Homes over over $200,000 up to $300,000 you have more selection
      Homes over $300,000 up to $400,000 you can get a home with a view, pool.
      The best approach this to come here and spend some time ( 3 to 4 weeks to check inventory)
      Homes come up under $200,000 our friend just bought a one bedroom in a three Plex development $175,000 fully furnished.( She was at the right place at the right time )
      What is your budget?
      PS most people don’t carry Home insurance because the homes are all made out of concrete.
      Property taxes are very low say a $300,000 home you may pay $250 dollars a year taxes more or less.

      Buy or rent a home in Mexico

      Rentals and Real estate agents in Ajijic & Chapala Area

      Ajijic Rentals Andres Vellazquez)

      Coldwell Banker ( Pati Lopez ) 

      Access Lake Chapala 

      Hernandez Realty Group ( George )

      Biencom International   ( Carlos Valencia )

      Access Lake Chapala

      Lake Chapala Real Estate

      Continental Realty

      All In 1       [email protected]

  5. Truth is….one needs a good Health Insurance policy to cover you here in Mexico. I use Cigna for expats. Not cheap…but beats Medicare’s 80% ! The 20% alone can wipe you out…or damage you very badly. A 600k bill and your share is 120k. Better to have a good HC policy. Gambling on your health ain’t smart………just sayin’…..

  6. Hello Jerry and Lori, I found your videos very informative and enjoyable. Now, all I have to do is convince my lovely wife to take an interest. Thank you both for sharing. At least now i know that we have a choice. I will be watching your videos. Again, thank you.

  7. Just found your videos and am a new subscriber. I find this fascinating. Im 38 years old currently living in Pennsylvania. Life seems so much simplier and peaceful down there. I figure if i start planning now by the time im 50 i could retire peacefully down there. Living off the land is something i am big on. Unforunately its hard in the winter time up here but in summer the garden is more then self sufficient. Look forward to more videos. Might even plan a trip in tge upcomming year or 2 to check it out.

    • Michael thank you for subscribing and you are doing exactly what I started doing when I was 25 years old. I started looking into investing, read books on investing etc.
      I was able to retire and travel the world with a lot of money because I used good solid investment strategies. I’m excited about your plan for yourself.
      This video I made it is very important and this will help you in your planning.
      Retire Early How Much Money Do I Need 4% Rule?

  8. To All the people who move down there: Do they not miss their families and friends? Though my son wouldn’t travel 45 minutes to visit me now in the US, I doubt he would visit me overseas ; unless he wanted a place to crash for a vacation. How do the rest of you feel about the separation?

    • Great question.
      To talk to our family and see them we use Skype, Facebook.( You can call and see your Love one’s on Facebook now)
      We have more friends. Then we did in the United States. Most of us are retired so we have time to socialize, hike, kayaking, dancing, breakfast lunch and dinner get-togethers at our homes.
      Living in a foreign country is not for everyone it has its challenges.
      Thank you for your comments and thank you for being a subscriber.
      Jerry and Lori Brown

    • I believe I will have fun, and attitude, fun anywhere. When I lived in Hawaii all the women saves a bedroom in their expensive apartment but their kids never came. Get an air bed for when they don’t come.

  9. Thanks Lori and Jerry. You videos are EXACTLY what most people not in the 1% need. We are not looking for Gold Plated facilities as much as we are a nice place to live or visit….. Well said indeed….

  10. Jerry & Lori, my ex hubby and I, now best friends, consider visiting you this June for 2 weeks to start contemplating moving there once I retire …. looking forward!!!! :o)

  11. I have medicare, with my Section D, which is paid by The State of Texas I have medical insurance in Mexico with United Healthcare Ins, but on emergency cases only. In other words If i need an operation and unable to travel to the States, United will pay. O reeive 1,300 a month and still was able yo qualify for the State of Texas to pay for Plan D.

  12. Might be cheaper for a US citizen to pay a health insurance in Mexico. There are really great hospitals in several cities, specially in Mexico City. Actually the “health tourism” has been rising for years in Mexico.

    • Thank you thank you thank you.2 million times we say thank you. Can I Use USA Medicare In Mexico ?

      Thank you for being a Part of Jerry Brown travels 

        2 People living on $1,000 A Month

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