Beto: ‘We Don’t Have Time’ For Medicare For All

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Beto: 'We Don't Have Time' For Medicare For All


30 thoughts on “Beto: ‘We Don’t Have Time’ For Medicare For All

    • To be fair, Sanders’ “Medicare for All” would indeed be gradual: the age to enter Medicare would be lowered from 65 to, well, nothing, over three years or so.

    • Whatever the President proposes also has to be negotiated through Congress. At worst, Sanders could get negotiated to where Beto is now. If this is already Beto’s starting point, then think of what will get negotiated away.

  1. Voter: I’m dying because my insurance sucks.

    Beto: …and if you like your health insurance you can keep it!

  2. Beto- “I hear your question, I’m not gonna answer it, but listen to my memorized bs and look at my hands GOOOO!!!”

  3. “There’s a man whole likes to bet on storks.”
    Greatest opening line in political commentary goes to… Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk!

  4. Wow, you mean a millionaire with a billionaire wife has a problem empathizing with middle class problems?
    This is my shocked face.

  5. A hopeful named Bet on My Stork
    Was sorry for bein’ such a dork
    As he waved his arms wildly
    The public said mildly
    He done, someone stick in a fork!

  6. Ever heard of an insurance company going bankrupt? No? Eliminate the middle man that profits from the ones who need the help the most.

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