Beto O’Rourke Revives Hillary Clinton’s Nonsensical Attack on Medicare For All

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Beto O’Rourke Revives Hillary Clinton's Nonsensical Attack on Medicare For All


53 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke Revives Hillary Clinton’s Nonsensical Attack on Medicare For All

    • +Blessing John Chelliah if you didn’t notice I mentioned how many are being cheated out of Medicaid and it will get worse if Trump has his way and changes the total for the line of the poverty level.

    • +Henry Gustav What about job losses as a result of lackluster investment
      by entrepreneurs , due to repressive tax policies?

    • +Angela Garreffa That’s what happens in red States…I live in NY where Medicaid is so generous , they even have the services of ‘Medi Jets’ to fly poor people around to their preferred healthcare facility.

    • +Blessing John Chelliah what about corporations who leave and go overseas while getting subsidies from US Fed Govt?

  1. I think we just need to apply Hitchens’s razor to Beto’s candidacy: what is presented without substance can be dismissed without substance.

  2. This is why right-wing centrists don’t talk about policy: their bootleg corporate plans are exposed for what they are.

    • It’s left wing corporatist/centrists that keep me awake at night because mainstream media is teaming up with them and hoodwinking all those demsheep who think they’re woke.

    • +Dreamingrightnow left wing corporatist/centrists can never be in the same sentence. Corporatist/centrists hate the left more than the GOP and are more active trying to destroy us. They just pretend to be liberals because they claim to like blacks and gays. research Rahm Emanuel, he is the prototype for this centrist garbage.

  3. That woman would love what Bernie Sanders has to say about Medicare for all. Unlike Beto, he’ll give her a real answer.

  4. The most disingenuous part of his argument is that his plan has a longer implementation ramp Medicare for all.

  5. Beto: People are dying we need to take immediate action.

    Also Beto: Whoa slow down we gotta take our time, not all at once it’s too much too fast


    • Jon Readman yep, that’s what they said when they pulled down the Berlin Wall….”Whoa slow down we gotta slow down”

  6. “Access to healthcare”. What a joke!! I have “access” to buy a 2 million dollar house! Doesn’t mean I can afford it. Sellout!

    • What I don’t understand is why nobody asks about in network versus out of network. My sister has access to health care through her employer. The problem is that we live in Pennsylvania, and all of her in network doctors and hospitals are in Ohio. My neighbor has the same problem. Surely there are people in the audience with this same problem. Do they screen out all the people with this issue?

  7. Beto O’Roarke moves like a puppet. He tries to sound like Obama. “Why not Medicare for All?” Beto: Can’t get there from here. You may be born to be in it, but you ain’t gonna win it. Bernie is better. Justice Democrats, unite.

  8. He’s too jumpy, he can’t stand still and answer a question. Makes it look like he’s nervous all the time. Comes across as goofy.

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