Beto O’Rourke: Medicare for All is “one of the possible paths” to fix health care

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Former Texas congressman and Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke is the latest Democrat to join the presidential race. He sat down with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King for his first TV interview since announcing his campaign. In their wide-ranging conversation, they discuss why he decided to run, his plans to tackle health care, and why he thinks his limited government experience will not hurt his chances.

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Beto O'Rourke: Medicare for All is "one of the possible paths" to fix health care


57 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke: Medicare for All is “one of the possible paths” to fix health care

    • +Thomas Watts It’s all greed. They will crash the system. I don’t think they realize how the other half live. A large part of the problem, is competition is constrained, because doctors have to do a residency and the hospitals limit the number that can. Something needs to be done to open the field. I’m not saying I want it unrestrained, but if there were twice the doctors, available, they could work a normal 8 hour day and have some family time. Residencies are just crazy. Some of those doctors are dead on their feet, from lack of sleep. You see the same with the nurses, who’s numbers should also double. It wouldn’t degrade the abilities of doctors, or nurses, because they’d be able to find sufficient numbers with good skills. Hospitals wouldn’t go broke, if they charged less. They just wouldn’t expand as quickly, which might be a good thing. There is one hospital that covers an area from Easton to Philadelphia. That wasn’t done to benefit the patients.

    • +Internet god I’m on it and you lying Medicare cover 90% of everything it only have a 5% overhead and regular insurance only 70% of the money you give insurance companies Ashley go to Medical they have a bigger overhead they got to pay middleman CEOs advertising so most of your money go elsewhere Medicaid on how that Middleman or advertising fee

  1. Good Lord what an empty suit. Nothing but platitudes. Lots of nice words with zero specifics. We are so tired of these politicians with a nice smile and smooth talk. He panders to minorities and has done NOTHING for them when he was in Congress. Not one bill with his name on it. He is all talk and no action.

    • +Sebastian Tirado they dismiss people as bots because it’s easier than using an actual argument. They’re not that bright.

    • +Tornado1994 so I get it if you want real policies and not just a talking head that don’t give you nothing and if you don’t want somebody that vote with Republicans 37% of the time you got to be a Bernie bro a Russian bot or trumpster I got it if you want better for your life you got to be fake or trolling

    • +THIS LONDON CHICK calling people vladimir for wanting politicians to focus on policy and not hollow phrases is insane. Please stop.

    • Smart guy. He doesn’t need to, so why would he? I would vote for him if he did nothing more than keep running the same talk track. Now that would not get him re-elected. They keep trying to bait him, but he stays on track. Smart.

    • That seems to be a running meme from every single Democrat politician that I have seen in the news. They get asked simple yes or no questions and they go into this diatribe that usually has little to nothing to do with the question asked. They do more dancing around questions than I have seen from Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians. LOL

      I have to say one thing about Beto, he has some really great footwork when it comes to answering, or not answering as the case may be, questions. LOL

    • GREAT SHOW ABOUT IDIOT BETO O’MYGOD IN FOX NEWS “THE NEXT REVOLUTION” WITH STEVE HILTON. Hilton destroyed that big teeth socialist imbecil. The characterization of that puppet was excellent.
      Try to watch it in YOUTUBE. It’s priceless!

    • Obama promised people that they will be able to keep their doctors.

      Will you have to understanding that each state was allowed to roll out the Affordable Care Act the way that they wanted to and many red-state did a horrible roll out with intentions of the Affordable Care Act bombing in their State so they can turn around and say “Obamacare is trash”

  2. Who talks like this?
    “I think I’d be good at it.” “I want to be in it.” “Man, I’m just born to be in it.” Beto O’Rourke

    • OLIVER Aguilar …by…3…points??? In a 10 year red state??? Naw baby, thats a victory on its own. But you people are so linear all you care about is hurting people that have nothing to do with you so, stay scared little one, youll need that feeling for when you people revolt and get snuffed out

    • So, how much do you and your employer pay for your middle-man insurance, and how easy is it to use? I have the best BCBS employer-subsidized plan money can buy, and frankly my wife’s Medicare is better and less hassle. And still makes doctors and Rx companies obscenely rich.

  3. He literally gave no specifics or answers.. yet at the end of the interview they say he was very specific. How do these “journalist” get paid for their job?

    • +yaimavol
      Uhh….no. Kamala /was/ chosen as the front runner because the DNC believed, in their racist and disconnected way, that she would appeal to minority voters on the basis of her gender and the color of her skin. Then 3-4 weeks ago polling showed Bernie to have /double/ the support among people of color than she did.
      All of a sudden Beto’s campaign is announced and kicked into high gear getting flooded with bundled corporate cash, and simultaneously the MSM has stopped showcasing her in favor of Beto. Why? They are /desperate/ to beat Bernie Sanders and Kamala faceplanted too much pandering on The Breakfast Club, so they’ve chosen a new horse to bet on.

      As Beto continues to draw extreme criticism/ire, as well as massive downvote ratios on his CNN/CBS/MSNBC videos, it will become clear to them that he doesn’t have a shot either. He, too, will then be abandoned and Biden will step forward to try and gain some traction. It’s the reason Biden is idling right now without committing to running or not. He hasn’t gotten the nod from the DNC donor class.

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