Best Medicare Supplement Plans / 2021

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Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2021

2021 Medicare Premiums & Copays

Medicare Supplement Plans video chapters:
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5:45 Medicare Supplement Plan G
7:30 Medicare Supplement Plan N
17:55 High Deductible Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement plans;
There are a number of Medicare supplement plan insurance videos with headlines like this one – Best Medicare Supplement plans What is the best Medicare supplement plan for 2021 or 2020 and so on. This one will be different than any you may have seen to date. I will help you identify which Medicare supplement plan that you will most likely be happiest with and I will accomplish this without showing you a table of benefits and pointing at deductibles and such. That’s just not necessary.
Fir the Best Medicare Supplement Plans Let’s first address the elephant in the room; the fact is there are no BAD Medicare supplement plans. Every Medicare supplement plan will do exactly what Medicare tells it to do. If you are watching this video and you have already decided to go with a Medicare supplement plan and not a Medicare Advantage plan, then I congratulate you. You have already made the most important decision facing those who are new to Medicare.
So, if all the Medicare supplement plans are good, which on is best?
Perhaps the better way to word that question is which plan is right for you?
Let’s start with this simple, but bold assertion; the debate between Medicare supplement Plan G versus Medicare supplement Plan N is not one of benefits and costs, but of personality. Your personality.
Let me show you.
Medicare supplement Plan G offers the most health coverage of any Medicare supplement that is available to those who are new to Medicare.
With a Plan G you can spend a year in the hospital as an inpatient and it will not cost you a dime. Your inpatient services are covered at 100%.
With a Plan G your only expense for inpatient and outpatient Medicare bills is the annual Medicare Part B deductible.
This is what I call the Peace of Mind plan. People who choose a Medicare supplement Plan G just want great coverage, so they do not have to think about their healthcare. It’s just paid for. It offers complete Peace of Mind.
To the person who chooses a Medicare supplement Plan G that peace of mind coverage is more important than the extra money it cost relative to your other Medicare supplement choices. It’s that simple.
Let’s compare that to the Medicare supplement Plan N.
Medicare supplement Plan N has less insurance coverage than the Plan G and cost less.
But there is a catch beyond just the lower premium.
We need to look at this closely to understand.
A Medicare Supplement Plan N is just like Plan G in that you can spend a year in the hospital and it won’t cost a dime. You have 100% inpatient coverage.
Also, just like Plan G you will have to pay the Medicare Part B deductible when you first see a doctor in any calendar year. That’s approximately $200.
But here is where this plan is different. With a Plan N, whenever you see a doctor for a diagnosis or evaluation you will pay up to a $20 copay. It doesn’t matter if it is a Primary Care doctor or a Specialist, it’s no more than $20.
If you go into an emergency room, there is up to a $50 copay that is waived if you end up staying as an inpatient in the hospital.
Now, this is important and often misunderstood – the $20 copay is for diagnosis and evaluation visits only. There is no copay for physical therapy. There is no copay for when you get a flu shot. There is no copay if you end up with chemotherapy infusions once a week. There is no copay for telehealth meetings and there is no copay when you go to an Urgent Care center. The copay is only for an in-office visit for diagnosis or evaluation.
When you go to a doctor’s office to find out what is ailing you, that’s a meeting for diagnosis.
When the doctor has you trying a new prescription or other treatment and you meet your doctor at their office to see if that treatment is working, that’s an evaluation.

Plan G- high deductible

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Best Medicare Supplement Plans / 2021


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