Bernie Sanders Slams Trump Team’s Terribly Bad Budget

Bernie calls out President Trump's underling on how Trump's budget proposal for 2020 breaks Trump's promise to “save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts.” Tell President Trump and your representatives that you DON'T want cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security by sending this message: We reject President Trump’s fiscal year 2020 budget proposal"
Summary of President Trump’s budget proposal:
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Cuts Medicaid by nearly $1.5 trillion over 10 years.
Cuts Medicare by $845 billion over 10 years.
Cuts Social Security by $25 billion over 10 years.
Increases defense spending by $34 billion next year alone to $750 billion.
Send a message that you don't want them to do that: (To be delivered to President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate)

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his is a way to spread the word on a large scale:


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Bernie Sanders Slams Trump Team's Terribly Bad Budget

37 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Slams Trump Team’s Terribly Bad Budget

  1. How can you cut trillions of dollars then say you’re not cutting it and say nothing will be affected? I know Americans are dumb, they have a world wide reputation for it but really?

    • It’s called getting things accomplished more efficiently and less costly. I understand this is a foreign concept to Democrats. Ben Carson is doing the same things with HUD. Maybe the cost of illegal aliens should be cut …yes ?

    • +pat saultz and you’re ok with Americans not being able to afford to care for themselves. It could be your mom or grandmom is that how you get things done?

    • No, their heads aren’t spinning. Maybe the worms inside their brains are. Trumptards probably make the connection that somehow reducing medicaid and social security will drive out the illegal Mexicans, so it’s a good thing. It’s a Jimmy Jones like cult. He can do no wrong because he says so. Too much lead & mercury in the water system, everyone is getting stupider.

  2. I am pretty sure a lot of the money from the military budget finds it way to off shore accounts and not for military defence purposes…

  3. For a country that is so worried about appearing strong in the world militarily. Raping its society and plundering its wealth with no investment in society as a whole makes it extremely week.

  4. Corrupt country we live in now under the Trump administration. Tax break for the rich and slaughter the poor what a shame.

  5. This is some of the most persuasive journalism I’ve seen. The use of video clips to illustrate the points of the speaker (Sanders in this case) is just brilliant.

  6. I can’t say I’m surprised but it is so disheartening to see that a company like Amazon that uses the Federally maintained highway system millions of times more than I do … paid fewer dollar in taxes than I did in 2018. WTF !!!
    And GM … what did they get a tax break for … moving American jobs to Mexico ?!?

  7. The people that support him should be the only ones affected by his ruthless budget cuts. Then we will see how far their fanaticism goes.

  8. Bernie’s mopping the floor with Trump. The presidential debates are going to be HISTORICAL!! Bernie 2020!!!

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