Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan, explained

Also known as single-payer health care, the plan would expand the safety net for people over 65 to all Americans.

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Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All plan, explained

14 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan, explained

  1. It’s completely stupid not having Medicare for everyone. It’s no different than the public school system within the US. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but everyone has an opportunity to get educated.

  2. There is no explanation. Sanders just hopes nobody will ever question the costs of everything he proposes to give everybody because he does not understand or care about economics.

    • He does understand that people will worry about the costs. Part of the reason he supports a Medicare-for-all system is because it costs less than both the current system and the system prior to Obamacare. It says so in the video, and a quick google search will also tell you that.

    • If you want a good model (economic and social) you can look at every other modern country in the world. As far as “first-world” countries, we are dead-last in caring for our own.

      Even some “developing” countries do better.

    • Obama had a chance to fix the system. Instead, he broke it worse than it already was.

      Nearly half the country doesn’t pay federal income taxes. The other half does a pretty good job of taking care of them. Still, of control spending presents a budget problem, let alone adding trillions more like Sanders wants to do because he doesn’t care because it’s not like he has to figure out a way to pay for it. I’ve heard the argument that debt doesn’t matter. That tune will change when the interest on the debt becomes the government’s biggest expense and we have to sacrifice everything else.

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