Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Act Press Conference 9/13/17

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Bernie Sanders for years has waged a lonely Senate battle for legislation to create a single-payer, government-run health care system. Now, the Vermont independent, who has never had a co-sponsor for his bill, has quite a bit of company. Fifteen Democrats — including potential 2020 presidential candidates — have lined up behind his “Medicare-for-All” bill that would eliminate the role of private insurers in basic health care coverage. More than 500,000 people across the country have signed a petition as “citizen co-sponsors” of his bill, which he introduced today. In the House, a record majority of Democrats — 117 — have signed onto similar legislation by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. “There is no doubt about it, momentum is on our side,” wrote Sanders, who pushed the idea as a 2016 presidential candidate, in an email to his supporters Wednesday. Here’s what a Medicare-for-all bill could mean for you: What would be covered? The Sanders bill would allow for comprehensive coverage, from hospital to dental services, and it would include abortion coverage. Patients would choose doctors, hospitals and other health care providers they want.

Benefits would remain the same for veterans and Native Americans, who receive medical care through the Indian Health Service.

Other Democratic proposals being discussed would provide for a Medicare option for all or a Medicare option for those 55 and older. Sanders, as well, would take preliminary steps to expand Medicare during a four-year transition period before making Medicare coverage universal.

Republicans say single-payer health care countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom face poor quality of care and long wait times to see a doctor.

“Some patients will never get the care they need,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., wrote in a Fox News opinion piece. “When Washington pays all the bills, it will soon decide to exert tighter control over everybody’s care.”

Sanders counters America already rations health care, with thousands dying because they can’t afford it.

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How much would it cost me?

Under Sanders’ bill, Americans would have one insurance plan, administered by the federal government. Gone would be co-pays, deductibles and premiums paid to private insurers along with insurance that’s tied to employment.

Sanders provides no estimate of what “Medicare for all” would cost the average person, but he says it would take a much smaller percentage of most Americans’ income.

He expects the price of drugs to drop for the federal government and individuals because the bill would lift the federal government’s current ban on negotiating prices with drug companies.
But won’t it cost a fortune in taxpayer money?

Yes, if estimates of Sander’s campaign proposal are any gauge.

Republicans point to an Urban Institute study indicating that proposal would increase federal expenditures by $32 trillion over 10 years. Another study by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says the campaign proposal would cost $25 trillion and add $16 trillion to the debt (including interest) without additional offsets, putting the national at 148% of GDP in 2027.

A Sanders aide says the bill will cost less than the campaign plan.

The bill hasn’t yet been scored by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.


33 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Act Press Conference 9/13/17

    • Hyles Vincent Your right about Vermont the state is too small to pass it but who ever told you California didn’t have the numbers to pass lied to you. The bill was killed by the corrupt big pharma puppet California speaker of the house. Which hopefully he is voted out when he is up for re-election.

    • I hope they pass it because the taxes people in California will pay to fund it will cripple their economy, and you will see more Californians flee to places like Texas. That will prove this doesn’t work. People are not going to work to pay taxes. 70% of American’s do not pay taxes already so how do you expect to fund this plan? Taxing businesses will just give them yet another excuse/incentive to outsource their business. This is how you hollow out an economy.

  1. Bernie, don’t you owe money and isn’t your wife under FBI investigation. The DNC didn’t think much of you – why should everyone else?

  2. He proposed this during the election… It added 18 trillion to the nation debt minimally over the next 10 years, and two states (Vermont and California) have already not done it because it would destroy their economies because of the mass exodus of businesses leaving to go elsewhere, which is why they want it at a federal level. Furthermore, there is not one country with a population as large as ours (350 million) that has a successful efficient single payers. Let’s also address the 100+ trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities already, 1.4 trillion in student loan debt, 1 trillion in credit debt, 20 trillion in national debt, 6 in 10 Americans having less than 1k in their savings, 7 in 10 having less than 400 dollars in their savings before we attempt to cripple our economy more with unsustainable programs, right?

    • Simple logic? Then why isn’t there one country with a population over 100 million with a successful all expenses paid government run healthcare plan? I’ll tell you why because as populations grow there will always be more takers than makers. Name me one industry that the US government has taken over that they made more cost effective and better quality?

    • Louis C Most of the countries over 100 million population are poor or have corrupt governments. With that said Mexico is on that list and they have a public health care option. USA has Medicare. Japan has a public health care option. So big countries have it for a part of their population. It’s possible but keep just your head in the sand buddy 🙂

    • Couple things – Both populations that have 220 less million people in their countries, but okay let’s use them as examples. I know you don’t want Mexico’s healthcare system because no one does. Do me a solid and go check out Japan’s unbelievable debt-to-GDP ratio of 1-253. I also noticed that you didn’t give me a example of one industry the government has taken over from the private sector that it made more cost effective and efficient. You’re the one who is choosing to ignore facts… I just want you to admit it to yourself because facts matter. I already said I want as many people covered as possible, but you can’t just ignore the basic law of supply and demand.

    • Because it is most likely cheap similar to plastic surgery in the Latin countries. Does that mean that they are better doctors? No, it’s the power of the dollar, which is diminishing because of socialist programs bankrupting us. I will ask a third time – Please give me one industry that has improved efficiency and reduced costs through government control?

  3. Yes because our government isn’t wasteful and big enough already. Big government is a disease that districts everything it touches. Look at the V.A. disaster with thousands of soldiers dying waiting for appointments, or the school system that spends more than any other country but only ranks 16th in the world

  4. We will see what happened, politicians like to talk a lot, but do nothing. Anyone can give a speech. The actions is what count, do not be stupid. This country is so corrupt by the politicians that the devil looks more like a saint. Think of this, out government spends about 54 per cent of our TAXES going into illegal wars. By the way I am a veteran, I know what wars can do. Also, they say we the Richest and most Powerful country in the world, but we can not provide free health care to all our citizens. That is a big joke! We are powerful for what, to destroy other countries. Politicians all get free health insurance, right? How about the citizens. Many countries provide health care for all their citizens. Do the research, it all available. Any one can give a good speech in a controlled audience. Let see what happened. Have a nice day.

  5. Using the masses to bring their voters back…there was a poll that came out two weeks ago that put their party in bad light for most Americans so all these free handouts will be dangled like the carrot.

  6. Key words..
    “your costs will go up”. [They already went up.]
    “but that will be more than offset by the money you will save over the current cost”
    [That is an oxymoron and NO WHERE does he explain just how the drug and insurance companies are going to stop making hundreds of billions of $ per year.]
    My solution… Make the drug companies pay for the healthcare budget.
    Simple. Done.
    Oh… And stop funding useless wars and use that money to pay back the social security and Medicare funds they stole to fund these ignorant wars with.
    Bernie seems to think if he speaks loud enough that what he has to say is important and concrete.
    It’s not. You should take a minute to look up the YouTube video where Bernie states that bread lines are a great idea.
    Neither the Dems nor the Reps have come up with a good idea for healthcare.
    The Dems want everything free (then who pays? The lower middle class who can’t afford to keep up their homes and pay property taxes nor offset their income in stock diversity write-offs like the upper middle to rich class do).
    The Reps want the sickly to pay higher costs – a plan that works like car insurance. The problem with that is healthcare is a basic necessity and human right and ANYONE can get sick, even your child, whereas driving a car is a privilege and a responsibility.
    The extremely poor and lower middle class make up the majority of USA ppl. Therefore, it is the lower middle class who pay most of the taxes. High healthcare costs will force them to lose their homes lowering that tax base and maybe even quitting their jobs for a minimum wage job so they can also collect welfare benefits. This includes welfare civil servant workers – so then who will process those applicants?!
    Congress is sooo out of touch with reality. And so is anyone who thinks Bernie’s idea is a good one because it is absolutely no different than what we already have .. Obamacare. But it sounds like it will actually be MORE costly to those who already can’t afford it .. the middle class!!!!

  7. Republican – but I am with Bernie on this one. The only one making a killing here are the insurance companies. we should take care of our fellow Americans. I am old enough to know that live changes in a second. One day you have a job, The next you will not. One day you could pay for your health , and the next you may not. We all know that there are many freeloaders. But that something that need to be fixed as a separate issue. And there also has to be immigration reform. I am not sure a system like this will be able to work if every illegal immigrant gets free health care.

  8. i like the idea of single payer healthcare. though, i have a better solution, prevent health problems by occurring in the first place. other countries can do free health care because most of their population are healthy and dont really need medical help. people should take responsibility for their own healthy, eat right, exercise, live a healthy life style, etc.

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