Bangladeshi Immigrant Cheated $132M Out of Medicare, Bought Mansion, Courtside NBA Tickets

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Bangladeshi Immigrant Cheated $132M Out of Medicare, Bought Mansion, Courtside NBA Tickets


19 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Immigrant Cheated $132M Out of Medicare, Bought Mansion, Courtside NBA Tickets

  1. This is common place among black folks, I know black servers that refuse to wait on black customers because they are poor tippers. I have been in restaurant biz for 20+ years and this has always been a known thing in the industry.

    • Yes I agree I’ve been a server for 39 years I’m 16 years old and my server friends at work that are black and are wonderful people to work with said I don’t want that table because they’re going to be demanding and not tip me. I knew what they meant. They know how their own kind acts. And I’ve seen this a lot. It’s just truth that we speak.

    • Carrie Bishop
      Dang Carrie-san, the hoc qwui lack of tipping must be a incurable genetic inhibition. Your not the lonely one wondering why. Tribal DNA proclivities crop up at the most REGULAR MOMENTS. This consistency is unappreciated by most normal humans. Other leanings are group hugs that leaves the hugee bruised.

  2. LOL on Lindsey Graham comment! I was wondering how you were going to end that report on McCain. I wasn’t disappointed. : )

  3. I just read on drudge about mcain’brain tumor’ theyr’e calling it now. yep…… sometimes its hard to keep your mouth shut…. imagine Trump tonight, I’m sure he’s dying to send a tweet, must be killing him.

  4. That’s it!! I believe that any of these type of immigrants do this type of crime they should get kicked out of the United States. period end of story. Is anyone noticed that’s all we’ve been talking about his stories on emigrants illegals. Until the Clintons and Obama’s came to office we didn’t have one tenth of the problem that we’re having now. It’s very distracting irritating and tired of talking about them inner schools in the workplace , all the benefits they get. Wish I could blink my eyes and tell them all have to leave they would be gone.

  5. Health care immigrant sure cared for citizens money distribution. So as to not see the monies lost he naturally funneled a friggin bunch under his Direct Care & Lock & Key. A self starter for friggin sure don’cha think?

  6. I knew Macains condition was bad when they found the blood clot in the same place a previous cancer. I Knew it was bad.

  7. Either the throat-slitting hairdresser was pretending or he gradually got turned by some violence-preaching imam.

  8. The Republicans ALSO know that 0bamaScare has the RFID chip kick in in December of this year. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of 0bamaScare as soon as possible. I absolutely refuse the RFID chip. I hope you folks have read the bill and saw the RFID chip portion. It states that RFID will begin in December, 2017.

  9. Nothing “happened” to the man. He had intentions from the beginning to do this. muslims are ALWAYS going to do things like this. They obey their qu’ran and they all pretend to make friends with the infidel… then they turn on them this way. It’s been seen again and again so we should not be surprised. Their qu’ran tells them to do things like this.

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