AWKWARD! Cory Booker’s ‘Medicare for All’ claim gets instantly fact-checked live by CNN! | Ep. 52

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Democrat Cory Booker supports Medicare for All. Oh wait, he actually doesn’t. Oh wait… he really does. Look at what happens when he tries to have it both ways with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Also, the Democrats have no idea what to do with President Trump. Nothing has worked (spying, Mueller report, negative press), and now the latest numbers show the economy is booming. What are the Democrats going to do for 2020? Plus, are we seeing the end of women’s sports? All that and more on today’s show.

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AWKWARD! Cory Booker's 'Medicare for All' claim gets instantly fact-checked live by CNN! | Ep. 52


31 thoughts on “AWKWARD! Cory Booker’s ‘Medicare for All’ claim gets instantly fact-checked live by CNN! | Ep. 52

  1. Isn’t it great when a Democrat like Cory Booker actually has to explain a position? The results are hilarious. What do you think the next move will be by the Democrats against Trump? They’ve tried so many things, and all have failed. And yes, we have another case of a biological man wining a women’s sporting event. Where has all the common sense gone?

  2. Booger is an absolute shill and a corporate prostitute. He doesn’t have any actual ideas, he just hears what the radical leftists say and then portrays it, unconvincingly I might add, as if he thought of it first.

    • he is exactly what you get when universities aren’t forced to put out quality products, which is what is going to happen when every university has given money for existing. If you put Booker, and Cortez in the same room, the insects will rule the roost

  3. I don’t understand anything these Democrats say they’re all over the place and they’re full of hate and the racist.

  4. Cory Booker’s response does not surprise me, what does is CNN looking/pushing for the truth. This has got to be a mistake.

  5. Booker seems to follow the classic, penguins of Madagascar feigning tactics…
    Smile n wave boys…. smile n wave….

    The better economy is checked at the gas pumps and food stores… that’s a real problem many US citizens would love to see addressed.

  6. There is a simple fact about Trump.
    He has proved that Politicians are not needed and do not get things done. To run the country like a successful business you need a business mind, they do not have it but they willing take our money for years on end

    • Thats e reason why most dems hate him. They are all career politicians , being a president , is just another step up .
      That’s e reason, why the deep state ( that was preparing for Hillary as a president ) went ballistics .
      It’s always been accepted that politicians will do their thing and the rest of the goverment branches do theirs… without each rattling the other . Sort like he shark , swimming together with the pilot fish .. the shark being e deep state .
      So now, here comes an orca like trump and everthing changes.
      It changes for everyone . Now, trump has opened a new door … to let other orca like trump in.. and the dems are mad .
      It’s no coincidence that Rashida said, trump must be taken out, if not other like him , will come in .
      Trump represents a threat the political class has never faced before . That’s also e reason, why e deep state hates trump . He broke their cosy relationship

    • MrSpidey1970 I have said this to my husband for a long time. Why don’t we get a businessman to run the country because politicians don’t have a clue. America is a big business and Trump is proving he has what it takes.

  7. They’re letting a tiny group of people push them extreme left but when it goes to general election they will get slaughtered.

  8. Those males who are competing as women are weak. They couldn’t cut it on the male side so they jumped to the women’s side; cowards.

  9. Where are all the feminists who are constantly talking about “the patriarchy” yet let biological boys compete against women?

    • Cory booker really does look like he’s on crack look at his I think his brain is fried..AOC it is definitely on crack…

  10. Exactly. The alignment of gays and Muslims and now feminists with trans has always baffled me. Perfect explanation as to why they are diverging interests but all fall under the lefts identity politics

    • They are following the old maxim that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. After they eliminate us they will slug it out amongst themselves. At least that’s their plan.

  11. Guess he wasn’t man enough to beat real men so he figured he would become a trannie and steal the women’s titles.

  12. To all Democrats – they need you in Venezuela. We The People want to give you a one way ticket.

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