Avoiding Costly Medicare Mistakes

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Medicare is a benefit that can’t start soon enough for many older adults. Health care costs are skyrocketing and they hit seniors particularly hard because many are on a fixed income and they utilize health care more.

But Medicare is not a slam dunk, anything but. It is a very complex, confusing multipart program that requires work to understand. And its benefits can vary widely depending upon how and when you apply, where you live, and what plans you enroll in. And as your health changes, it can either help you or hurt you. You need to know how to make it work for you.

A shocking statistic from Medicare guru Katy Votava is that “nearly 95% of people pay too much for their Medicare coverage… because they do not completely understand the full costs they will pay in addition to the premiums.” With Medicare, the devil is in the details which is why we have asked benefits guru Votava to return to WEALTHTRACK and bring us up to speed.

WEALTHTRACK # 1614 broadcast on October 04, 20219.

Avoiding Costly Medicare Mistakes


6 thoughts on “Avoiding Costly Medicare Mistakes

    • M4A is the marketing name. It is actually single-payer….100% paid through taxes, with no deductibles, premiums, or co-pays.

  1. I’m unsure what you’re talking about especially with regard to the donut hole that has been reduced year after year after year. Most plans in San Diego County don’t have it. Furthermore premiums seldom exceed $25 a month And the one PPO we do have in San Diego County Is offered by Aetna at 71. To be sure other counties and other States might not enjoy such reductions. But then some counties enjoy even more. This is a ridiculous display. And after trump’s executive order named health care twenny twenny You can expect even better rates and better accessibility. I to am a health life certified insurance agent. I haven’t a clue what this woman is trying to prove.

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