AT&T Retirement Option through AON Group – Opinion only

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This is my personal opinion about the lack of opportunities in the market being offered to AT&T retirees that are eligible for Medicare, since the brokerage firm hired to represent them only offers one or two plans in any given market. And they're not the most cost effective plans for the seniors.

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AT&T Retirement Option through AON Group – Opinion only


30 thoughts on “AT&T Retirement Option through AON Group – Opinion only

  1. This is a revelation since I have this very decision to make in a few weeks, was under the impression AON was unbiased except the only carry certain contracts with certain ins. companies….

    • Hi Mrs. Patricia, No, it’s not misleading at all. 
      Medicare Supplement plans to not change. Plan F is the same Plan F it was years ago. The Medicare Advantage enrollments that AON is doing is for 2015. I would NOT recommend picking a Medicare Advantage plan for 2015, if you can at all avoid it. You will give up selection of any doctor and any hospital, and your healthcare dollars will be effectively “Managed”.   

      Happy to help with a free second opinion at or by calling us at 1-800-729-9590.  There is NOTHING misleading in this video.

    • This is a training I did for our agent community, where you can see side-by-side comparisons of what AON is offering vs. what the market is actually offering. This is very eye-opening. Retiree Benefits with Obamacare

  2. It’s useful to keep in mind that AON was once Combined Insurance Company, a very overpriced, hard-sell supplementary accident company.

  3. I can back up what Mr Westfall is saying I am a fellow agent and have no relationship with him whatsoever. I am an agent in Connecticut and do educational videos exactly like what he is doing. There is a lot of confusion as to what aon is telling people and what at&t and other agents are spouting off. The only thing I can tell you is that med supps do need to be compared.  As he states- it pays to shop, by law whether it is a group supp plan or individual supp plans- they have to pay the same. So compare and save- its really that simple folks! Hope this helps!

  4. This is only medigap insurance rates.  This woman should be looking at medicare advantage plans, which you can get for 0 premiums, 0 deductibles.  Has anyone mentioned that to her?

    • +Carole Shaffer Right, Carole. What is the likelihood that anyone over age 80 would need medical services at that age that might take them to the $6,700 Max out of pocket that the “Advantage” plan provides?

  5. you have a fabulous site and hooray for someone being a steward for people who are thrust into this position. The only thing I don’t agree with is not mentioning the different ways you can be charged! In Ok, it’s Issued Rated and Attained Rated…This can make a difference in the long run…make sure you know the history of increase with some of those companies or in Medicare’s words: “what may be the least expensive, in the long run may be the most expensive! Pg 18 of “How to Buy a Medigap Policy.”

    • +Helen Maxey Actually, it makes very little difference, if any.Studying the underlying actuarial theory employed by the companies is a waste of time. I’ve been helping seniors for 19 years and ALL of the companies increase their rates every single year. They all go up relatively the same amount. The key is to find yourself an independent broker who can move you to a better plan in case your plan goes up too much in relation to the rest of the market.Unless you have a really clear crystal ball, there is no way to tell what a particular company is going to do in the future. More important to have someone independent who can continue to position you in the best plan in the future. The AON call center that is flooded with new hires right now to enroll AT&T folks will not likely call any of them back at renewal time to offer possible alternatives. If you start off paying too much (by going through AON’s recommendation), you’ll start next year paying too much, too. Only then, you’ll have no one to call to service your account.

    • +Helen Maxey By the way, Medicare expects you to stay on the same Medicare plan your whole life. If you do, yes you will absolutely be paying too much sooner rather than later. If you bought Shell gas your whole life, and a BP opened across the street with the same gas but .50 per gallon cheaper, would you continue to buy Shell gas? What if they BOTH came off of the same truck? Of course you shouldn’t. It is the same with Medigap plans. As they are all the same, your loyalty should be to the rate. Your doctor does not care if you got a good deal or you are paying too much. He (or she) gets paid the same. Shop!

  6. Christopher….you hit the nail right on the head.  Wish I would have seen this before all the frustration I experienced.  I have done exactly as you suggest, Rx plan through AON and Medicare Supplement outside, saving me a lot of money.  AON’s representatives are biased and they will not tell you everything unless you specifically ask!!!  I fault ATT to a large degree on this for not beta testing AON prior to signing them as their agent.

  7. Hi Mr. Westfall…I know this video is almost 2 years old, but I just watched it.  I turn 65 this year and am NOT looking forward to making that first phone call.  But, I just received a card from AON about my “appointment” later this month.  After hearing what you have to say, I will be making a few calls to find out what’s best for me.  I, too, am an AT&T retiree (I retired from Pacific Bell – before AT&T came into play – but I’m still considered their retiree) and do NOT want to go with AON.  I don’t trust AT&T for several reasons: they keep trying to take away from us and the first thing they did to me was to remove my telephone concession.  Mine was “grandfathered” through Pacific Bell here in CA, but I still had to fight with AT&T.  I really did NOT appreciate that one bit and was proud that I stood my ground!  My “gut instinct” says to stay away from AON.  My late parents went with Aetna and they were both pleased with them.  And I was impressed with how they treated me when they passed.  I’m hoping I get as lucky.  I am very blessed with NO health issues what-so-ever…thank God for that…but I will not settle for a Medicare company who wants to take advantage of me.  Thank you for posting this.  I’m taking down the phone number you listed and will surely give it a call, too.  Thank you, again.

  8. AON Group is taking money from BAE System for the retiree health reimbursement account and finding ways to not pay out the money to the retirees.They tell you one thing and the next time you talk to them they tell you something else and so on each time you call them. I was told that my wife had to be primary on the plan for her to be reimbursed and I would have to cancel the plan and then re do it in her name. Once that was done they told me that they could not reimburse her for her expenses because the date of the new plan was not 1/1/16. Some now she loss all the money for the year 2016. Every time I try to talk to BAE Systems they tell me to call AON. So now that money is gone and for all I know AON put that money in their pocket.

    • I am not yet familiar with Michelin’s requirement for their contribution. Are they allowing you to sign up for ONE plan (like the Part D plan only) or requiring you to sign up for ALL plans through AON in order to get the reimbursement money? Thanks – Chris

    • I just got off of the phone with your son. I’m going to call him the 19th after talking to the AON Representative with the answer to your question. We’ll know soon.

    • He told me. Looking forward to seeing if we can help. Their docs should spell out the terms of their contributions, but their front line call center staff has been known to stretch the truth in situations (like AT&T) where they tell everyone that every product MUST be purchased through them. Thank you for writing and calling in!

  9. One has to wonder if a possible kick back situation occurs … between One exchange or Aeon and the employers? I mean these employers are only going to pay out the maximum benefit that each employee has earned so if the plan the retiree takes out is more expensive than the monthly HRA amount, doesn’t the retiree pay the difference?

  10. Yes , I also thought we had a good plan until I tried to get a reimbursement !AT&T should check this out as Aon makes it impossible to file for what is supposed to be your money! it was sold to me as a money savings acct. that you can use to pay for over the counter health needs Vitamins etc. was told by Aon( Dr. would have to write you a prescription for them . )   Co-pays, etc.  well folks all a complete misrepresentation. wonder what will happen to my account ? I am a healthy person and my account balance is $2700.  it is Nov. , I  tried to file for Vitamins and allergy meds over counter cost  , no way !   SAD!

  11. OMG Christopher! I am so glad I came upon your video about this. Ever since ATT changed this up for us, it has been a totally disaster for my health and my pocketbook. Shame on ATT for doing this to us and thank God that you are an advocate for us!!!

  12. Thank you Chris, For you honest option. It just sucks when, companies take advantage of former employees, by offering false info…

  13. We have had nothing but TERRIBLE experiences with AT&T Aon. My spouse use to be an AT&T employee and when he became Medicare eligible, they told him/us the same thing – we had to go through Aon and pick a plan and they would provide us with funds for the HRA account. The transition was TERRIBLE.
    I was left without health care insurance for over a month due to a mistake they made.
    I’ve had dealings with Aon in the past as I use to run a typing service (paralegal) and helped customers with numerous things such as divorce, restraining orders, qualified domestic relations orders etc. I did a QDRO for someone who retired and divorced at just about the same time and it took Aon 3 months to process the paperwork! Two months wouldn’t sound like much but during the process, they withheld 50% of his income to give to his X-WIFE who signed a Judgment stamped by the Judge stating she waived her rights to any portion of his pension plan because she received the equity from their house!
    It gets even better…. they not only held 50% of his income but sent 50% to his X-wife until they were done with his paperwork. Yes, you got it! She refused to return the money to him when it was completed 3 months later!
    At&T Aon is TERRIBLE and they simply don’t care!

  14. Since AT&T wacked the ball over the net for health care for someone with 30+ years service, who saved them millions in direct expense via “special projects.” My experience with Aon has been pure incompetence. Three months to set up a plan. I was quoted a Plan G for $159. When the first bill came, it was twice the quoted cost; $321.. Aon has not updated my HRA account, nor made it available on their database in my benefit profile. Yet, AYK, Aon is very happy to grab the “trailer” on these policies. AT&T “leadership” has abdicated its responsibility to those who contributed for so long. I wonder what the reciprocity is AT&T vs Aon?

  15. I’m getting the run around now and because of the HRA I have to ho thtough AOn and now they told me I have to go online to register I lost the HRA for this year and this is all so upsetting to find out Nov 1st that I wasn’t enrolled through Aon they just turned my life upside down. I have insurance right now through Humana, they screwed up my plan but they have the plan that best suits me on line its so confusing I need fox everything b4 dec 7th.

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