AT&T AON Retiree Changes with Obamacare

Impact of Affordable Care Act on Employee Benefits for Seniors on Medicare
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AT&T Retirees Given Poor Choices with AON Hewitt

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AT&T AON Retiree Changes with Obamacare

13 thoughts on “AT&T AON Retiree Changes with Obamacare

  1. Christopher… thanks for the informative comes at a perfect time for this confused ATT Retiree!!! Our AON contact never made it clear to us that we could chose a Medigap Plan from outside their choices so long as we picked a drug plan thru them.

  2. After watching this video, I called Aon and spoke with a rep. I asked three different times, in three different ways, do I have to buy my health insurance from the Aon exchange ? Can I just buy my Rx and then access the healthcare account for medical and buy out side the exchange? No matter how I asked the question, they responded……You have to buy from the Aon exchange for both if you want the money…..They were emphatic, what is the truth and how do we verify the truth?

    • +ssgtsouth Called Aon yesterday and got a rep to confirmed the “and/or” trigger for the HRA. He read the requirement and it was verbatim to question #7 in the link you recomended. Thanks. 

    • I had the exact same response from AON.  I asked them to check with their managers, and they called me back in a few minutes to apologize.  They FINALLY confirmed that you need to buy A plan from the AON exchange.  That means you need to buy ONE plan (perhaps a Part D plan) and then you can shop offline from the AON exchange and then you can use your HRA dollars to pay for that plan.  Their agents are either not fully educated on what they offer, or they are purposely misinforming us.

    • +Conrad Steeneck Thanks for your reply. I call it lying when they are telling everyone this lie and only recant when called on it.

  3. Crooks and liars.  Extortionists.  That is who handles our health care insurance in this country.  Retired Union members at ATT are being punished for having bargained a “Cadillac health care plan”.  That was congress hating unions.    Scumbags all.

  4. I am retired from OPERS here in Ohio.
    Could I just get the drug plan from them and still receive my reimbursement money
    for the outside med supp? Update … the answer is no. I must get the medical plan through one exchange in order to see my reimbursement money. This seems … “unfair?”

    • Unfortunately, OPERS decided to require that EVERYTHING be purchased through the “exchange.” Yes, I do firmly believe in my own humble opinion, that the organization is more handsomely rewarded by opting for such a requirement. But with OPERS, no, you cannot work with an independent agent at all. Very unfortunate.

  5. Thank You. I just saw your videos. I got caught up in this AT&T Aon Medicare Advantage this year 2017. I was told the same thing-no matter how many times I re-asked the question. It is just awful plan. I will be calling you.

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