AOC Talks 2020, Bernie Sanders, And Medicare-For-All

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AOC Talks 2020, Bernie Sanders, And Medicare-For-All


49 thoughts on “AOC Talks 2020, Bernie Sanders, And Medicare-For-All

  1. If Bernie is the nominee, I wager people even former Hilary supporters like I was would vote for him hands down! We shall see!!! We already lost the Supreme court, we can still lose more if we sit this one out. Hopefully people are serious enough to turn out. Ya know the shenanigans will begin, don’t let voter suppression stop you, know that if you live in a state with a Republican legislature, they will try to make it harder to vote and reduce the number of days. Know the games they will play. Don’t be caught off guard, be on guard. Get your license state ID whatever, just in case. Make sure you have a designated street address, check your voting registration monthly, take photos of make sure your good because there will be some cheating going on!! Just be ready to face voting opposition.

  2. I love this. I am 66 years old and SO IMPRESSED that youth is understanding how important it is to go back and listen to the FDR provisions for our country. Simple, heartful, and works!

    • +elijah mikle Well though the west was wild, we did have government in the east. But when people moved to the west in larger numbers,law and so-called order, did feather in. It just took longer because of the massive areas of and wilderness. But as usual, with the influx of honest people searching for a new start, too came the crooked, greedy grabbers as well. The world is amass of good and not so good folk. Seems it’s always a good thing chess game, to see who wins. Hmm,, did I make a point? I tried.

    • +Peter Ford ..we have health care for all …MEDICAID covers everyone that does not have Medicare or private health insurance… Medicaid pays health care for illegals … check our boarder crossings

    • I’m with you Judith! I’m 69 and am totally impressed at the young up and coming representatives who are outspoken and intelligently so! They are truly for their constituents and know that is the real reason they are in Congress. It’s not just a paycheck and glad handing, photo ops and only visible when election time draws near. Good for them!

  3. I suspect serious phone calls are being made and powerful meetings taking place from the centres of power in corporate America and its billionaires to the DNC, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, probably even to Barack Obama and the Clintons, all with one order: SHUT THIS THING DOWN. Shut down the progressive movement in your party, shut down AOC, certainly shut down Bernie Sanders. Do not let their agenda anywhere near the floor in Congress. Elizabeth Warren was bad enough with her CFPB antics, but this is no longer funny. Shut your activist base down. Make sure they all get in line.
    The irony is that in sponsoring weak Democrats for all these years, the donor class have probably sown the seeds of their own doom. As Joe Crowley showed in NY15, these people aren’t fighters, they just want to go to brunch and drink their mimosas. 2020 is going to be fascinating for the Democratic Party. Their 2016 tricks won’t work as well this time and they will find that the progressive movement is even more determined and tenacious. Bring it on.

    • Yeah I love her but I’m sure by then someone will figure out how to get to her say something awful about her. Try to make her seem evil. If you can’t beat her then you take her out with lies and slander. But I definitely agree she would be an amazing president!!

    • +Fat Jesus So far though she seems to have similar Teflon protection that Trump enjoys. Trump has it because he will lie and doesn’t care how hypocritical he seems. AOC has it because she’s smart, always snaps back, but is always respectful and allows her opponents the dignity in a conversation so they can consider her thoughts without feeling backed against a wall.

  4. Good that AOC got a platform and decent time to express her views. The more the better. Momentum is continuing and growing.
    I sent a link to video of another discussion with AOC to a liberal friend. He said he was impressed. Had never heard AOC speak. The more, the better.

    • Some people said, “Special Group is the synonym of Communist Party” – Medicare for all is the respect of human right – Please do not destroy the American Dream of being equal in healthcare right… This right is done by God…

  5. No BS with AOC. Bless her. She, and her fellow progressives in Congress are dragging the Democratic Party kicking and screaming into reality. Tulsi, so far, is the only announced candidate who’s truly for MediCare for All. Until or if Bernie runs, Gabbard looks good.

  6. When Bernie does finally announce for 2020, I think AOC will be a *powerful* ally for him, in terms of amplifying his ideas, message, and outreach.

  7. So glad we had New York voters smart enough to know to vote for AOC!!!!! Not sure if she knows it but AOC is the top conversation here in California.

  8. Most of the independents I know are actually socialists. Also I don’t know if they realize that freaking BERNIE SANDERS himself is an independent. Where the hell do these people get the idea that all independents are right leaning.

    • +ms wpwm … medicaid pays for people that do no have any heath care or money .. I live next to a hospital and across from a clinic … the take everyone … even illegals and put them on medicaid

    • +Matthew Smith . how many people would work if they could get paid to do nothing … they tried that in CANADA ..most people would rather not work

    • +ms wpwm …medicaid pays for anyone that is poor and even covers illegals…check what is going on at the boarder

    • +At PNguyen ..everyone in US is covered … if you are poor , homeless, here illegally medicaid will cover you

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