Andrew Gillum Flip Flops On Medicare For All

Andrew Gillum has been inconsistent on Medicare-For-All. We’re calling for consistency.

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Andrew Gillum Flip Flops On Medicare For All

81 thoughts on “Andrew Gillum Flip Flops On Medicare For All

    • WE NEED HUEY LONG TO BE REBORN. If anyone doesn’t know who this man was, you must look him up on youtube and wiki. He actually PUT OUR PROGRESSIVE ideas into ACTION. He is literally THE American Progressive hero of all time – a person we can hold up and say: “This is what we want.” And he was assassinated by a rich guy. Surprised? The few good leaders that come along ALWAYS get assassinated. Because they didn’t play by the lobbyists’ rules. Huey Long..the embodiment of everything we believe. He was Governor of Louisiana, then Senator from Louisiana. And he was headed for the presidency. He gave you the 40-hour work week. He actually created free healthcare within the state of Louisiana. Look up what this guy got accomplished. It will blow your mind. He was Bernie Sanders with a fighting iron fist! No true Progressive can pass up gaining some knowledge of this great man. His speeches on youtube will have you riled up man. And I should add..even though he was a Southerner..he was not racist.

  1. Once Bernie Sanders loses 2020, I’m officially burning my democrat card, you can’t change the party from within, start a 3rd party.

    • +Twirlip Of The Mists I still think he is the perfect candidate for trump. He actually has been fighting for the populist things trump flopped on and would be effective at stopping his charade of pretending to be a populist. Plus, it’s hard to argue with his favorability and popularity.

    • +CutThroatJuggalo He was perfect in 2016. But they’ve spent two years demonizing “socialism” since then, and creating (fake) doubt about his corrupt wife and his deep-state billionaire lifestyle. They’re ready for him, like they were ready for Hillary since 1993. And he’s older now. And the death blow: he endorsed Clinton. Trump could run on just that.

      In 2016, Trump was a scary unknown racist sexist, not well liked by most Republican voters. Not so much anymore. Now they lurv him long time. It’s Trump, guns & Jesus, in that order. And the hapless dems have inoculated him against all criticism. Now he really could shoot a guy in Times Square.

      Sanders would have swept independents in 2016. He’d be lucky to split them 50/50 in 2020. IMHO.

    • +Twirlip Of The Mists except the stuff about his wife and lifestyles are just as hyperbolic and made up as their attacks on “socialism”. He is still by far the most popular politician in the country after 2 years of that bs.

    • +Twirlip Of The Mists also, easy way for him to win: point out that he was the only “Democrat” that didn’t vote for the increase to the military budget.

    • sharon anderson Nothing will change in this two party dictatorship oligarchy called the USA, until we adopt a parliamentary style democratic system like England has.

    • +Imperium Europa it’s not the two party that is the problem it’s money in politics it has bought the 3rd and 4th party as well

      Just look at the so called independents like Justin amash and rand Paul Ron Paul is only for single payer because of the virgins in the basement funding the bankrupt hospitals with fake sex studies provided by the lube corporations that the government assigns them

    • +Nathan Holstrom Screw the “Alt-Right”. I’m well read on 1930s Europe. The National Socialists NEVER used the terms “right” or “left”. And in fact, all of you Alt-Right people are laissez-faire capitalists just like the damn Republitards. The National Socialists put RULES on corporations..supported workers’ rights, some socialist programs, social and economic justice. Something which NONE OF YOU SUPPORT. You don’t support the working class and letting government intervene in big business to curb greed..all of which the National Socialists acted upon. And YET, all you Alt-Right fucks still give praise to Hitler. How ironic is that really? You don’t support social economic justice. You don’t know anything about NS. Goebbels hated capitalism with a passion. He even stated once that if it were a choice between Western predatory capitalism (your love), and Communism, he would take Communism. Alt-Right=losers with cognitive dissonance. Progressive left-wing is the way to go for America. I bet you don’t support socialized healthcare do you? Of course you don’t. But Hitler did! So like what’s up with you guys? Are you national socialists? Really? Or are you just Republicans that just happen to be willing to voice your racism more vocally? One more thing: The “right-wing” in France, Norway, England, Germany would NEVER think about getting rid of universal healthcare or free college for those who qualify. Bottom line: Anything “right-wing” in the USA is a fucking cancer. And all you Alt-Right morons are just rich kids born with a silver-spoon in your mouth. Keep “heiling” your hero Trump. Keep proving how pathetic you all are.

    • +James Redic not at all. We are a minority. If he doesn’t win its from his on incompetence to work for the people. He isnt entitled anyones vote.

    • +Bryan Fregoso no he isnt. But with our political enemies try to strip away every right we have to keeping our vote from counting along with jimmys bullshit…yea he can get fucked. And we are not the minority we are the majority.

    • +James Redic who is? Ron DeSantis? Sure, he is pro pipeline. Florida is a strong republican state in terms of voting power. So because the opposition is scum.. means that andrew gillum free to throw out his key policies? People arent voting the man. But the policies he brings. Thats on him for not keeping his word.

    • Mr Magoo

      It’s sad, but he is indeed a fraud. A fraud makes promises that he or she has no intention of keeping, according to the law. He’s a fraud

    • I don’t know how many “progressives” watching this actually live in Florida but I’m still gonna vote for the guy. Desbantis campaign ad was literally 3 minutes of him gargling Trump’s balls. It was pathetic and he might win just based on that. Right wingers get their base to come out and vote just by saying build the wall. While us on the left are only motivated to vote by policy substance.

    • +Elijah Gray he isn’t a justice democrat but worth a chance and then next time we will get a justice democrat and he will be voted out

      I don’t know why Jimmy keeps calling him one

    • They are not doomed. The American people are DOOMED, because all the politicians they have are either corrupt sellouts or weaklings who cave to the corrupt establishment.

    • Just Call Me POOH – THe Democratic Party will be just fine as long as donors are willing to keep up the illusion that voters have a choice.

    • The Democratic Party as currently constituted should absolutely be doomed. Either by hostile takeover or by defeating them with the Greens or some other party. Theoretically both strategies could work simultaneously and result in success. If not there’s always the storm-the-Bastille option.

    • I agree, even a relatively poor country like Libya had medicare for all and free college, before the neolibs and zionists decided to destroy everything.

  2. “Backbone” is not the problem. These frauds were never for what they espoused. They simply used these issues to prop themselves up and fool gullible dems (i.e. all of them) again.

    • Then we’ll primary them at the first opportunity. This would likely involve a long hard struggle over several election cycles, since Democrats are too stupid to get the message if only two or three turncoats are voted out of office. Only repetition of the same message, over and over again, will penetrate their thick corrupt skulls. In the meantime while that’s playing out, we also explore other strategies: 3rd party, direct action in the streets, intensive widespread grassroots organizing from coast to coast to build alternative institutions, boycotting official elections and/or encouraging registered voters to write in Mickey Mouse or Goofy, etc. Can you imagine how the US government would lose face all over the world if a federal election resulted in Stormy Daniels getting more write-in votes than ANY official candidate gets in regular “mark an X in the box beside your choice” votes? The oligarchy would be the laughing stock of the world. And Stormy would probably be recognized by the UN and most countries on earth as the legitimate head of state of the USA. The humiliation would have important psychological effects on the crooks and puppets who own/run the USA. and would be a huge morale boost to all of us who despise the current system. So hang tough and stick around for round 3, this fight is still in the early stages.

  3. I don`t get it. Obama showed his true character as a neoliberal Corporate Democrat AFTER he got elected. Why does that Gillum guy drop his mask BEFORE the election? That “smart” move sure will help him to inspire the progressive voters in Florida. That man is not only a corporate tool, he also seems to be rather dumb.

    • +Danger Roland you say that like the right’s platform isn’t just being scared of Muslims, and undoing anything Obama did in addition to being corporate sellouts. At least progressives are trying.

    • Because he is running for governor of the WHOLE state of Florida…have you ever been in the panhandle?

      Trust me, not a hot bed of Progressivism in that region.

    • +Aaron Bower Medicare for all is favorable on the left AND right. He effectively shoots himself in the foot on either side by going against it.

    • +Danger Roland what a great, informative rebuttal. That response seems to be the go to response from the right. But oh well, it’s easier than learning things like policy.

  4. Everytime a progressive wins on the democratic ticket, the DNC take them to a backroom, and show footage of the Kennedy assassination from an angle they’ve never seen before.

    *apologies to and RIP Bill Hicks

    • I thought it was sniper rifle scope shots of thier kids and family. Wtf else could they do to Bernie to get him to endorse Hillary or ocasio-Cortez to endorse cuomo?

    • The night of the DNC convention in 2016, a friend of mine asked me “Why did Bernie roll over like that?” and I responded with “He didn’t want to get Vince Foster’ed, and see his family get Seth Rich’ed.”

    • Ah yeah, let’s not use words anymore.
      Maybe gaslighting and propaganda are the specific context we should keep in mind here rather then a dangerous generality.

  5. Is this our lot? I remember when President Obama won. There was so much hope and energy that there were news reports of the demise of the Republican Party. The world gave him a Nobel Peace prize for just winning an election. By the end of his 2nd term, he expanded the wars from 2 to 7. Libya being the crown jewel now being a failed state with open slave markets. From campaigning for single payer to Romneycare. Losing the Senate and Congress and most of the Governorships. Getting punked out of his Supreme Court Appointment. The cherry on top was millions left the Democratic Party…………but I know, I know it was the Russians fault.

    • He got the Nobel for being the 1st black potus nothing more. They rewarded him for his skin color. Smmfh hitler was nominated too.

    • This is how an empire collapses, it’s a long string of failure, greed, corruption and hypocrisy. The collapse of the US arguably began in the 80’s.
      But to answer your question, no this is not “your lot”, there is far worse to come. Greed and corruption are deeply embedded in American culture, it’s all disguised as “patriotism, flag waving and militarism”, but at its heart it’s just plain old greed.
      btw, Trump is not to blame, he is a symptom, he’s not the disease.

    • Thats why people should not be suckers of novelty, Obama won out of novelty. USA didnt got their first black president, they got their first muslim president, total asskisser to the Middle East leaders.

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