Alex Lawson: Medicare For All VS The Billionaires

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Alex Lawson: Medicare For All VS The Billionaires


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25 thoughts on “Alex Lawson: Medicare For All VS The Billionaires

  1. The rest of the developed world have some form of universal healthcare because they don’t have two main parties that are both right wing: the GOP being extreme far right and the DNC less extreme right wing. The GOP are masters of Orwellian doublespeak, sowing the seeds of confusion, creating lies and divisions and corrupting the electoral process. They have been successful, since Reagan, in holding back progress, with plenty of help from the corporate democrats. The corrupt political system needs revolutionary change now just as strongly as when the colonists got rid of the rule of King George III.

  2. Is my prediction about Medicare for all we will eventually win back the house and the executive branch of government the Blue Wave you could call it and when they pass medicare-for-all it’ll be the corporate version where middle income people pay for the whole damn thing kind of a pessimistic Outlook but that’s what I think will happen it’ll be just like the ACA unions will not be allowed to participate at cetera

    • That’s not Medicare for all, it’s as you say, a rehash of ACA,,, which will be no more acceptable then than it is now. It’s simple, insist on bonified, improved, expanded Medicare for all and accept nothing less. No bipartisan compromise, none.

  3. America is an experiment in extreme capitalism and is now showing the problems inherent in capitalism. Capitalism functions because it transcribes into economics the cruel rules that govern the natural world (such as survival of the fittest). I wish we could have a system that does not create such inequality and such poverty.

  4. Bannon said the resson republicans won is because liberals pillow fight and they go for the knock out. We have to go for the knock out.

  5. “Engorged ticks” is precisely right. And the nutrients aren’t getting to the rest. Exactly right! I’ve often called Trump a tapeworm, which is the same idea. But I also like “engorged ticks,” which perfectly describes those people.

  6. Canadian here. I have an argument for public healthcare. I got sick 11.5 years ago. My sickness was caused by genetics – Mom and Dad’s fault – not mine. I believe the USA calls this a pre-existing condition. My genetic disease was stopped and cured by a liver transplant which I had 1.5 years ago. When I got sick, I had a new management position which I had to quit. Which btw was a month before my medical insurance set in. I was in and out of the hospital for 10+ years because of my genetic disease. I’m not a stupid or lazy person – I have earned 2 degrees. I am alive today because of public medicine – ALL of this hospital involvement cost me $0.00. If I was American I would have today either been homeless and broke OR dead

  7. The old healthcare market was just fine, if we adjusted people”s income equivalently, such as $30 – $50/hr, full employment. It use to work just fine. With inflation and wage stagnation, that healthcare system became dysfunctional. Free market capitalism requires demand as much as supply, and the demand side was destroyed by Reagan and the Democrats. Hence, socialism must pick up the pieces when the free market fails to serve.

  8. Alex is missing one non-covered cost of Medicare Plan A: Rx coverage is an “extra.”  You need to buy such coverage in Med plans C & D.

  9. In the last minute or so the problem of winning this issue and others comes clear,,,, reliance on the Democratic party. How much more needs to be seen for people to get that they the Dems don’t want med4all? They are actively working against it and any other progressive policies.

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