73 Armenian arrested for biggest Medicare fraud in USA history.

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ederal agents and local police carry out major raids in new york and los angeles–trying to round up suspects in one of the biggest medicare fraud cases in u-s history connected to one group. that criminal enterprise is an armenian-american ring based in those two cities. more than 70 people are connected to the ring. agents say 7 of those suspects were operating right here in albuquerque…… and tonight they are on the run. jeff maher shows us how investigators say new mexico played a role. at heatsource
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10:02 pm stoves and grills, owner cyd ault just learned that a business that was right next door to her is being connected to a 163-million dollar nationwide medicare scheme. "that's shocking to me that they were right next door, it's shocking." a chinese massage parlor now sits in the place where rio bravo medical supply was. new mexico u-s attorney kenneth gonzales says rio bravo was actually a dummy corporation — where seven eastern- europeans were using the stolen i-d's of doctors and medicare beneficiaries to file medicare claims. ault says she and her husband knew the group looked suspicious. "we just thought it was an odd case, they never had any customers, they sat outside of their van smoking cigarettes all day long" "i also found a lot of stuff in the dumpster that they just pitched, wheelchairs, walkers, all kinds of stuff that looked very useable that they just threw away" according to gonzales — the group filed more than two-point- one million dollars in claims in all — and received close to
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10:03 pm 850-thousand. the seven suspects are being linked to an armenian-american organized crime enterprise that stretched across five states. 73 suspects have been indicted. 52 have been arrested. the seven new mexican suspects are still on the run. "we're hopeful that we can actually locate them, but that's going to take some time and a lot more effort" jeff maher kob eyewitness news four.

73 Armenian arrested for biggest Medicare fraud in USA history.


23 thoughts on “73 Armenian arrested for biggest Medicare fraud in USA history.

  1. This incident is just a small example of the demonic character of the Armenian!!! Note how many Armenians defend them and have glorified them as “heroes”!!!

  2. The real jaw dropper of this case was the defense teams’ inability to come up with ANY good excuse for these thieves looting so they went with – are you ready?: “Survival instincts passed on from generations to generations since 1915” !!!
    I would simply call it bad seed.

    • +Young Turk Merhaba kardesim. It’s always good to read your posts. For me, dealing with these Armenian low-life’s is rather entertaining, watching as they revert back to desperation (defamation, swearing, etc.) when faced with the facts. As always, keep up the great work of getting the facts out and making them squirm! Take care.

    • Thank you Suleyman Bey. We as the Turkish nation  are everything these weasels would have liked to be but they can not. Because they do not have what it takes to be a great nation; strength, guts, intellect, resolve, compassion, virtue, perseverance and fairness. That is why they are mad as hell to us but as you know “It urur kervan yurur” (Caravan presses on despite the dogs barking at it). In this small world there will always be a Turkish nation and it will always be where it is already. We are NOT going anywhere soon. Let that be known.

    • +Young Turk I couldn’t have said it better myself. Selamlarimla my brother and I’ll be checking in with you from time to time.

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