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Portable Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs
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From the beginning, we have pioneered an entirely new concept in walk-in bathtubs; we are the only maker and manufacturer of Portable Walk-In Tubs. When we first entered the walk-in tub industry, we quickly realized there was a need for a new and revolutionary product. Many of our potential customers had a special need for a walk-in tub that was not permanently fixed to their home. Because of this need, we decided to design the portable walk-in tub.
The use of water for soothing pain and treating diseases is one of the oldest and safest methods known for treating various medical ailments. Hydrotherapy is a natural therapy of heat, water, and air. It invigorates the body while easing aches and pains. Since our inception, we have pioneered an entirely new concept in: Portable Hydrotherapy Units.
After 8 years of submitting applications and trying to get approval from Medicare, we can finally say that we are the ONLY walk-in portable whirlpool tub with a Medicare number. www.facebook.com/portabletubs
How It All Started

Our company was started May 18, 2010 out of our CEO, Rick McDonald’s garage where the first walk-in tub was built. This is how Rick tells the story:

“My Dad was very sick so I would go to his home every morning and hold him in the shower so he wouldn't fall while he showered. My Dad would say "O how nice it would be to take a hot bath". I started looking into getting him a walk-in tub, but the cost was around $25,000.00 to have one installed at that time.
My Dad did not want to spend that kind of money or the time to remodel his bathroom.
As I looked at the walk-in tubs that were on the market in 2006, I got the idea that I could build him a better walk-in tub at a third of the price.
It took me about four years to complete the tub, the certifications and all the work to get the idea launched and form our company.”

Early Years

“May of 2010, I had a warehouse with 50 tubs, a workshop and office space. Someone told me to get into home shows, newspapers and a little TV. The first home show we did, two different ladies came up to me and asked why no one makes a portable tub?
They were having Mom or Dad come to live with them and needed a walk-in tub. They certainly did not want to tear out their expensive bathrooms to install a walk-in tub, that may only be used for a year or two. Within a couple of months, I had my first prototype built and ready to sell.”
Over the years Portable Sales has grown. Now we sell more Portables than built-ins.,
The hundreds of calls we have taken on our Portables always lead to the first question, does Medicare pay for the tub?” www.twitter.com/portable_tubs

Medicare Approval

The company has shipped Portable tubs into every US state including several to Alaska. We have shipped several tubs throughout Canada and have sold to hospital and care centers.
We could see such a great potential; we just needed a Medicare number on our tub. With more work that anyone could imagine, after eight years of trying we accomplished our mission and received the coding.
This is so important because now, millions of seniors that drastically need our tubs, will be able to get one. Our products will save Medicare millions of dollars just in limiting falls. 80% of all falls are in the bathroom and 60% while trying to get in and out of a conventional tub or shower. www.instagram.com/portabletubs

Our Mission…

…is to enrich our patients with: 1) Independence, 2) A Better Quality of Life, 3) Safety, and 4) Enhance healing…

…By providing an enjoyable hydrotherapeutic experience in your most comfortable environment-your home!

What typically happens during hydrotherapy?

After 5 min. – your blood pressure and pulse rates may begin to drop.
After 8 min. – circulation improves in your hands and feet.
After 12 min. – muscles relax encouraging the release of lactic acid and other
toxins from your system.
After 15 min. – your minor aches and pains decrease in severity.

Therefore, the advantage of consistent hydrotherapy treatment is documented medically for many body systems. There is scientific evidence that supports the use of Hydrotherapy on Various Systems of the Body medically.

Thinking of your elderly parents, grandparents, or even for yourself? A portable, walk-in whirlpool tub can truly change someone’s life.

Give us a call at 855-875-4568 or visit us at www.portablewalkintubs.com

#1 .HeavenlyTubs.com UT Portable Top Walk-In Step-Safe | MEDICARE Coverage LA KY KS IA IN IL ID

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