What is Medicare Medicaid and how much does it cost?

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In this video I will discuss What is Medicare? What are various parts of Medicare? How much does it cost? What is covered and what is not covered by Medicare? And the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.
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20 thoughts on “What is Medicare Medicaid and how much does it cost?

  1. Good video, though the music was not appropriate. Very ominnous and moody as if someone is dying. It’s just Medicaid…

  2. well said Mr Westfall – I work in an Internal Medicine office and many of our patients are so overwhelmed by this – I will refer them to your video! Very easy to understand – thank you so much !!

  3. Thank you so much! I am a new agent that is trying to get educated with different instructor and you’re a definitely a great one. The more I Learn the better service I can provide to the client.

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