Vox Explains Why Medicare For All Is The Answer

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Vox Explains Why Medicare For All Is The Answer


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83 thoughts on “Vox Explains Why Medicare For All Is The Answer

  1. Vox are just corporate shills who happened to not be as stupid as Hillary, they’d never actively push forward single-payer were it not for Trump.

    • Jack Hoffman absolutely. The Dem politicians actually seem much more right winged when looking at their policies. like a wolf in sheeps clothing. The fact we’re a democratic republic is somewhat a problem. the majority population needs to call their reps. to let them know they’ll need a new job if these bullshit bills get passed. Not a fan of Trump but he was right when he asked why we have so many nukes (6,800 total) and we don’t use them. He literally meant stop making nukes bc it’s a waste of money. But then mainstream media paints a picture that he wants to nuke the planet. Like we’d nuke oil pipelines we control in other countries. Chyea ok. Nukes are a deterrent, but 4,500 active nukes is necessary!??

    • See, I think you’re not quite right about Clinton’s basic income rhetoric not being nationalist. It isn’t the “hardline” nationalism of a Hitler or Mussolini, nor even the temperamental nationalism of Trump, but it is the sort of conventional, “soft” nationalism shared by just about if not every American president (but of course “American” could be any nationality). It’s the belief every empire and nation has in its own “exceptionalism,” and Clinton is no exception herself to that shared delusion. 

      “Not a fan of Trump but he was right when he asked why we have so many nukes (6,800 total) and we don’t use them. He literally meant stop making nukes bc it’s a waste of money.”

      I’m sorry, but you’re wrong here, in what seems like a rhetorical case of pareidolia. We know that he doesn’t think they’re a waste of money because 1) he’s done nothing to deproliferate and 2) he’s bragged about a $1 trillion investment in “modernizing” the nuclear arsenal (which was actually not his but Obama’s plan), a move that one general said might make their use more likely. And 3) though it’s kind of just rumor, it seems as though in closed-door meetings Trump has asked advisers repeatedly why we can’t use nuclear weapons. He’s not being ironic or socratic, or rhetorical. He’s a moron.

    • Harry Stoddard I apologize for this rant but I think you are right, you’re talking about the degree of nationalism. You seem very intelligent, so I agree. Rhetoric Pareidolia? I think you’re making a huge assumption and are using ad hominen for whatever reason, I’m not here to come at anyone, I just like reading n discussing others perspectives bc I base most logic on relativism. The assumption I’m rhetorically Pareidolia(ic?) would more logically mean I’m hitting the panic button because all I hear is the media telling me Trump is going to get us all killed. Mass hysteria. Everyday it’s illogical panic n Russian Xenophobia on the tv.
      1.) he did not even begin to de proliferate, you are correct sir. We have the NPT but North Korea left it a decade ago n they’re rogue. It just seems like a lot of wasted tax money to puff out our chests with a million nukes. We’re safer than safe when looking at how much money we make in the production of wmds, let alone the fact we have drones that pulverize infantry, space tech that obliterates any possible threat, and two massive oceans standing between us and “bad people”. Also, wouldn’t it be unrealistic to think we can simply “de-nuke” the world in a year which is what Trump said he wants to do, but he never said in a year. But, de-nuking also seems unrealistic. The US government does in fact have thee best anti-nuke defense from space. They’ve been working on it since we had nukes which was atleast 8 years before the rest of the world knew about atomic bombs. In 03’ it took 6 to 8 years to produce a nuke. I’d imagine it’d take much longer in the early 1930/1940s.

      The rest of your points (I forget what 2 was) are on rumors which I respectively have no care for. Any important advisor telling people Trump said this n that would be a “he said she said” idiot n it’s most likely bs entertainment for media outlets.
      But I do not disagree, Trump is a moron president. He only knows how to dodge taxes, declare bankruptcy to make more money and to shut down political debates just by simply saying everything in one Stupid sentence. We’re all confused but I think it’s Occams Razor, he simply makes no sense in a game where the players(politicians) know they’ll be fact checked. Now we all know facts don’t mean a thing in modern politics, people vote mostly by their emotions, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We can’t eliminate emotion, and emotion is also a form of intelligence. Otherwise, get robots to make every decision based on logic. AI would start by doing the smartest thing and eliminate the actual problem.

  2. Vox is a perfect example of an imperfect friend. Sadly too many progressives hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them 90% on everything. Just look at some TYT and Jimmy Dore comment sections.

    • some body For a demonstration of your point, just listen to Jimmy Dore’s occasional unprovoked on-air condemnations of Sam Harris.

    • Yeah, we definitely have a purity problem in our movement. And I wouldn’t say it’s 90% — the people at Vox almost certainly agree with progressives more than that. It’s more like they expect 100% agreement or nothing. This is why the Justice Democrats movement is going to have a difficult time changing anything.

    • But logic like that is how we got the modern day democratic establishment party (Oh wait they do PC culture so I can pat my self on the back for being on their team;Trump amirite fellow libs?)

      saying progressives need to lower their standards about litmus/purity tests/hurdles/criteria is like this…

      GOP:Ill rape you.
      DNC:Ill rape you but ill use lube.
      -Progressives: You as a matter of fact,dont have to be raped at all.-
      “NO sorry progressives that’s to extreme of an option…Okay just DNC make sure you dont cum in me because I “still” have “standards”.

  3. Conservatives live in some alternate reality. My conservative friend has said “Single payer doesn’t work it’s already been proven” with absolute confidence and certainty.

    • whyamimrpink78 what does America, the third world pigsty, accomplish besides droning innocent brown people in Africa and Asia? Your sh!t country is only good at killing people, both domestically and abroad. Maybe you should all murder each other and make the world a better place.

    • whyamimrpink78 suffer? World peace would actually be possible if America didn’t exist. Please, go ahead and isolate yourselves. Forever.

    • Yes, your anecdotal evidence works for you but not for the whole, under our system in Canada it’s the same system across the board so we can make a sweeping anecdotal as it is the same for all. I’ve been under the system since 1964, much longer than my fellow Canadian Daniele. I would be dead by now if we had your system, I won’t get into the “whys”, but it sure is a given that I’d be dead under your ruthless system.

    • whyamimrpink78 lacks innovation. That’s a joke. I’ve lived in Australia for a few years of my life. Under their system they make massive medical innovations. They’re at the forefront. Everyone get public health care. If you want private go private. It’s expensive like the US but the public system works good.

    • Uhohhotdog Gaming I watched it all. What I agree with is that the American healthcare system is more expensive than any other, and that there is an easy way to correct it.

    • Vox is definitely not in the center, they are left-wing for sure. Still establishment sellouts, as is Oliver, an establishment Democrat. If there’s anything we’ve learned about politicians from this election, it’s that they hold different positions privately and publicly, and the vast majority of them are chronic liars. Establishment Democrats are privately in the same place as Republicans. Publicly they voice different stances. Both are against our interests.

  4. Ezra has been gunning for the Public Option since 2009 and screamed from the rooftops back then about how it would be far better on every network that would listen, so i can understand him being on board wholeheartedly atleast with Medicare for all

    • MrInuhanyou123 po is what we should at least have rn. Id be a lot better than the shitbag we have now. If trump is smart he’d do it but he wont bc 1. He’s not smart and 2. He’s crooked

    • A public option offering some level of competition to the private industry is the very bottom of the barrel of what we should be doing in healthcare IMO…but i dont really care what we do as long as the private insurance market’s influence is lowered, either by becoming heavily regulated, broken into pieces or eliminated entirely.

      By definition, for profits should not be deciding elements of people’s healthcare unregulated, because it becomes the system we have now where they have all the power in the doctors office. And the government still has to spend the money to subsidize their operation to a large extent. Its a waste of taxpayer funds and for what, so those same corps can lobby the government for special favors? BS.

  5. What Kyle forgot to mention is that you still can pay for your own extra private insurance in this system, if you have the money and want extra treatments

    • WTF is an “extra” treatment? Yes, some very small percentage of the world want unnecessary treatment. But the vast majority of people don’t get medical treatment unless they NEED it. That is the type of B.S. that Kyle talks about when he says that the waiting lines in Canada are for “optional” treatments. We aren’t talking nose jobs and breast augmentation. Those aren’t covered at all.

    • JRLM you are a moron. Being in the comment section on youtube and throwing around insults because you do not even understand the topic.

    • Classique Liberal ok let’s talk.
      I am from Germany and here we have private extra-insurance on top of the ordinary insurance everyone has. This gets you better treatment in hospitals (single bed rooms, treatment by head surgeons, no costs on medication, no co-payment) so this was the point i wanted to make.

  6. If US voters knew how good universal health care is, you’d beat your politicians to a pulp for brazenly lying to you for all these years.

    • @Praxis I only “troll” (if you want to call expressing my opinion, trolling) when I disagree with him, on economics mainly. I agree with him on military spending and unending war. I hate all government spending, ALL GOVERNMENT SPENDING. There is not a government program you could name that I would not want to at least cut in half, or probably abolish completely.

      Free speech is a social issue, but I gave you concrete examples and you gave me vague generalizations. How bout citing an example of this glorious freedom those countries have over us.

    • Ant Man which is why you still live in a country with taxes and a functioning government. Thanks for implicitly admitting that libertarian policies don’t work. Milton Friedman was a mouth breathing imbecile.
      For one thing, the Cato Institute ranks all three countries as having better economic freedom than America. What’s it like being a bootleg version of Canada, little fella?

    • @Praxis America hasn’t been libertarian since the very early 1900s. We have been losing tons of economic freedoms since then. Also when did I admit libertarianism doesn’t work?

      Do you know what economic freedom means in relation to the cato economic freedom ranks? It means regulations, freedom to start a business, and defense of property rights. It does not calculate taxes, which I would consider a major part of economic freedom. But I’ll accept this as one example of economic freedom, do you have examples of social freedom?

    • Ant Man thank goodness for that! Libertarian policies don’t work. Never have, never will. Which “freedoms” have we lost since then? Name some concrete examples. The fact that you don’t live in Somalia proves that libertarianism doesn’t work. Thanks for playing, kiddo.

    • Cool Cam Exactly lol.

      But these corporate (Hillary) “liberals”, and these identity politics (Vox) “liberals” only ever want to use social issues, during elections.

      Hillary uses social issues to get votes (I’m a woman, isn’t that awesome!!!!), and Vox uses social issues because they are just so “noble” to help people. Even though Medicare for All/Tax Funded Tuition/ better infrastructure (which includes public transportation) would, objectively, help black people, poor people, trans people, women, and all other minorities more than any touchy-feely “Aren’t we sooooo progressive. Yay!” nonsense.

    • they are clearly only just seeing the light. Only finally feeling the _bern_ .
      let’s embrass them and chastise them for their foolishness later

  7. We’re never going to have medicare for all. The tax cuts just given to the rich would have paid for medicare for all, tuition free universities, and infrastructure building. Vox is complete bullshit, btw. They’re right on this though.

    • Ricky Spanish Nah, there’s too many dumbasses like you here for single payer. Only citizens are given single payer cards, much in the same way as social security cards. But dumbasses like yourself believe that illegal immigrants are magically collecting social security.

    • whyamimrpink78 the rich aren’t the only ones who pay for it, the middle classes taxes would go up too. That’s a good thing if you were wondering!

  8. I think Vox problem during the primaries was that they put identity politics before the economic problems. And Hillary played that card better than Bernie. Pretty sure Hillary had more votes from minorities (race, sexuality or gender) than Bernie.

  9. 3,000 people die on 9/11- government spends a trillion dollars on a wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 45,000 people die every year because they don’t have health insurance, the government claims medicare for all would be too expensive. Let’s do the math on that.

  10. Kyle’s last point is the one that drives me crazy. 99% of the American population would benefit from medicare-for-all. It would save the country trillions of dollars. And yet you perpetuate a system that costs trillions more for the benefit of the richest 1%. You guys seriously need to get money out of politics so that you can have a democracy again.

    • The bill you showed me didnt even pass: http://raisetheminimumwage.com/history/:

      “The most recent attempts to raise the federal minimum wage have failed in Congress. In 2013, House Republicans voted unanimously to defeat a bill to raise the minimum wage in stages to $10.10 per hour. In 2014, a filibuster by Senate Republicans blocked a similar measure from getting a vote even though a majority of Senators supported the bill. Since then, no specific minimum wage increase has been allowed a hearing or a vote in Congress.”

      So no they have not gotten a raise, not federally anyway. Fun Fact: Did you know the 39/50 states have a minimum wage over 7.25 , so that act like this could be done Is blasphemous. And by the way if we tied the minimum wage to inflation it should be $22 hour. If we tied it to productivity it should be $28 dollars/hour. If you tied it to the gains the top 1% have seen it would be $33 hour. So complaining that they move it to $10.10 which in a lot of states still isn’t enough to get makes little sense.Also if you’re working one of those starvation wages you have to work multiple jobs to survive. More people working multiple jobs means there are less jobs for others than if they were paid more and only worked one. So we have less people working, and people who are working are not as productive. Also most illegal immigrants come here legal and have their visa expire. People crossing from mexico has been in heavy decline since Obama started enforcing border laws. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/03/06/us/politics/undocumented-illegal-immigrants.html

    • @Marcus Plenty And? It’s still a bill that people who were voted in by people who wanted a pay raise. It didn’t pass but a minimum wage increase has been passed many time. Everything else you said is irrelevant because it is just trying to justify the minimum wage. The fact of the matter is, it’s a pay raise, and people vote for it.

      Whether the illegals came here legally or illegally is irrelevant. Them being here at all lowers wages for people with whom they are competing with in the labor market. Also obama did not enforce the borders, that’s a myth. He changed the definition of deportation to include people stop at the border.

    • It’s irrelevant because you are giving reasons why it’s happening. The why is irrelevant when you asked for proof that it is happening. You’re shifting the goalposts.

      College, housing, and healthcare costs have ballooned out of control over the past decades, you know what they all have in common? Government is helping to foot the bill for those things. Shocker when government helps pay for things companies raise prices.

      What does non discretionary spending have to do with it not being an entitlement? Mandatory spending is just spending that doesn’t have to be approved through congress. It can still be increased or decreased if they choose.

    • +Terry F=Day Crowder is a delusional idiot having an argument with himself. He tries to shift the goal post all the way so the issue becomes about quality. He doesn’t to seem to fucking get the idea that the quality of healthcare is irrelevant if people can’t afford it. That;’s why he’s always trying to forget that ”tiny detail” in his praise of the private system. More to the point, which kind of closes the argument, its far easier to improve the quality of public healthcare than it is to decrease the cost of private healthcare to the point of making it available to all Americans (at which point, like education, is runs at a lost and which private sector wont get involved).

  11. If you are genuinely interested in changing people’s opinions on healthcare, you should start by debunking Steven Crowder’s Vox rebuttal. Most of the points he makes are elementary and easy to knock down…someone of your popularity would likely have a substantial effect in changing minds.

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