Universal Healthcare, Public Option, All Payer, Single Payer & Medicare(4All) Differences?

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KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between Universal Healthcare/Health Insurance, Public Option Health/Insurance, All Payer System, Single Payer System, Medicare & Medicare4All. Without this base understanding, there is no way to make the best choice for Democratiic Nominee.


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4 thoughts on “Universal Healthcare, Public Option, All Payer, Single Payer & Medicare(4All) Differences?

  1. As an economist, I emphasize the importance of focusing the MFA debate on *the economic role* of health insurance companies in The Health Care Equation. People & pundits need to understand that their role is equivalent to that of *THE MAFIA* i.e., they are _middle-men_ who insert themselves into a vital industry in order to enrich themselves at the expense of others. They are not “experts” in the provision of health care services; they simply hire experts to take care of that aspect of their racket. The government could/would do precisely the same thing, only without skimming off their own cut.

    Insurance company owners are *_finance people_* like bankers, whose only job is to decide what to do with the millions they are skimming off of health care customers. How much of those revenues they need to pay out claims, how much they should spend on PR, how much they need to throw at lawmakers to buy their support, and of course how much to lavish on themselves. This is the only economic “contribution” they make to the production and consumption of health care services. They are in fact parasitic leeches…

    Framing the debate on these terms will turn MFA into a political reality…

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