Trump’s Deceitful Medicare for All Op-Ed a NIGHTMARE for Fact Checkers

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Trump’s Deceitful Medicare for All Op-Ed a NIGHTMARE for Fact Checkers


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54 thoughts on “Trump’s Deceitful Medicare for All Op-Ed a NIGHTMARE for Fact Checkers

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 164* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right NOW—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on October 23rd. Enjoy the show!

    • DAMN ! Even his ghost writer doesn’t have a clue ! I would have thought that you’d be hard pressed to find someone as stupid as Trumpster, but they apparently did it !

    • Frederic Bastiat Liberty = a private, for-profit insurance company dictating when, where, and by whom you can receive treatment. ??

    • +Andrea KaeMedicare, Medicaid, are funded through Govt force. Obey the IRS, or prison. Confiscation of your assets. Men with guns seize your home, auction for taxes. Men with guns guard you in prison. Private Sector insurers do none this. As for “for profit”, getting paid for service is moral.
      As Adam Smith wrote, 1776, “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest”
      Read more at:

    • Frederic Bastiat also, if you don’t pay your medical bills because insurance didn’t cover them, you will be hounded and may have your wages garnished when it goes to collections.

    • +Andrea Kae Self defense is moral. A Natural Right. If someone is trying to kill you and beat you for fun, to take your property, rape you, you have a moral right to fight. Therefore, a collective defense is moral too, IF people voluntarily join to support it. Military, police, courts, prisons, gallows all are collective efforts to support an individual right. For reference, the Declaration of Independence in it’s first several paragraphs mentions Laws of Nature, Nature’s God an obvious reference to John Locke’s 2 and treatise on Civil Govt, Natural Rights.
      You do not have an individual right to your neighbor’s money for a doctor. Or anything. Your birth doesn’t obligate me to your support. That doesn’t stop you from paying your neighbor’s bills if you practice charity. Go ahead. I support my family. Stepkids in college. Voluntarily.
      The Social Contract developed this idea. The rich, the Nobles with their war horses, armour, forged swords protected the serfs farming around the castle. For a share of production. In attack, they had to fight. A deal. I am somewhat conflicted on taxes for it, but the top 20% pay 84% of all income taxes anyway, so it really is a moot point. The rich finance the military anyway right now. The serfs pay nothing today. Their opinion irrelevant.
      I oppose bank bailouts, of course. Any bailout. To Granny, or Freddie Mac. Final vote in US House of Representatives for “TARP”, Troubled Asset Repurchase House Bill 1424, 2008, was Dems supporting 172 for, only 63 against, Republicans against 108, for it 93. There would not have been a bailout if there were more Republicans in the House than Dems.

    • that’s not the point of the question
      But, if it makes you feel better, I am extremely aware of that and this was taught to me in public school in the 70’s, I did not have to figure it out on the internet… my question is what are kids reading in history books in current times about this? and what are people people saying about how this was allowed to happen?… but, most of all the question was meant to prompt deeper thinking about how every society has allowed all kinds of things like “this to happen to our society” … what we are saying now about slavery and it’s subsequent consequences? and how is what we are saying about these discretions from the past moving us forward?

    • +Frederic Bastiat actually, Nixon allowing healthcare to become for profit is what lead to the explosion in cost. You’re complaining about the bandaid solution the two parties came up with to keep their stock dividends.

    • +Frederic Bastiat you want to talk about stupid, in 1965 we didn’t have a military bigger than the next 12 nations combined. A military that big doesn’t come cheap, use that lump on your shoulders for something more than a hatrack.

  2. Medicare for all hardly leaves out seniors so they are not losing anything on upgrading Medicare to include everyone also have it include dental and a 20% they don’t cover that’s all that has to happen it’s already in place it already is up and running good enough to increase it to all

    • +Harry Hightower Basically as long as a country advances a certain amount universal health care is just the right choice. I mean most of the richest countries in the world have it, and even the middling but developed ones.
      Its basically an obvious choice for the modern age, I don’t know why the US is so frightened of it.

    • +Harry Hightower my best to you and getting that 20% covered. I live up in Massachusetts and MassHealth covers at and it doesn’t cost anything. But when I was in Connecticut it did not cover that and I did have a substantial Bill do because I could not come close to affording the 20% that they added on to that’s Medicare didn’t cover. It’s crazy what a imaginary made up little Line in the Sand or dirt will do. One side of it you’re completely legal and the other side your left out in the cold to freeze and die. that’s basically what it is when you cross state lines, nowadays

  3. Didn’t that orange by phone as a candidate say that he would not leave anyone behind on health insurance while this is the one and only way to do so

  4. Trump knows that most countries have universal healthcare, Canada and Mexico BOTH have universal healthcare, so why the hell would they come here illegally to get healthcare?
    A lot of people GO TO MEXICO or CANADA for their healthcare because it’s unaffordable here

    • Pete Gromov some of them are. Some of them are just people who want jobs and opportunity for prosperity. But the ones who wanted opportunity mostly gave up on trump early on, the only ones left are the delusional ones.

    • I saw a woman wearing a MAGA hat calling Trump a monster. Apparently she used to be a big supporter. It was the weirdest sight I’ve come across in some time.

  5. Actually the first part of the headline is a lie that it’s the Democrat’s Medicare For All. Democrats are against it – it’s more the Independent Sander program with a couple Dems. I know my two senators don’t want Medicare For All. Klobuchar & Smith of Minnesota.

  6. The reason why articles like this are printed — that are so blatantly false — is because they WORK! Millions will read this, or at best the headline, and be convinced that medicare for all is evil. It’s great that people like yourself make videos pointing out the gross lies, but where’s the editorial that picks it apart that also gets widespread exposure? Without that, this will stand. The republicans are going to win a lot next month. My theory — outside of Christian creatards who love Trump — is that many people think that chaos is great fun. And so Trump is great fun (“Lock her up! Lock her up!”). They don’t see themselves as being affected. And millions of others are just apathetic. I hope I’m wrong.

    • eh sounds about right. In fact I predicted Trump would win the election specifically for reasons like this and I’m afraid he may win it again. Until things get extreme for both sides and the left starts getting just as extreme which is really good for no-one.

  7. GOP how is Kansas working out for you? Everytime they say Venezuela we need to remind them of the failed Republican experiment called Kansas.

    • +Green Square it is the great Republican tax experiment that has failed to deliver any of the promises they claim. But on the state level the GOP has crashes the Kansas economy with the same policies they are now implementing at the federal level.

  8. Mike, there’s another issue ! Those of us lucky enough to have insurance through work would be free to job hop ( not be trapped in job due to insurance) PLUS have more take home pay . I don’t think corporations would welcome that !

  9. Hands off of Medicare and social security your not touching my medicine and money donald trump. Go Bernie make Medicare for all.

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