This Doctor SHUTS DOWN Every Argument Fox News Has Against Medicare for All

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Medicare for All is the only solution to our current wasteful, for-profit health care system.


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70 thoughts on “This Doctor SHUTS DOWN Every Argument Fox News Has Against Medicare for All

    • +Walt Schmidt so you’d rather live without decent standardised healthcare?
      The Democrats aren’t Communists mate,
      Here in Australia we have Medicare and I don’t even need insurance to go to the hospital, or the Doctor, no fees charged unless you need the ambulance, or a prescription.

    • +Eric , he already does. The idiot thing is Joe Biden never announced running for President and Bernie is in a close tie in the polls about who people want to vote for.

    • +Will Pack…… I really do hope you are right about Bernie have enough support, because you cannot imagine the utter shock I felt when I learnt Trump won the 2016 election. The democrats need both houses, not one.

    • +Eric , it’s actually more important to vote during the primaries because it affects the electoral college. This is why the elections of 2018 was incredibly important. And Republicans still had to cheat in states like NC and GA to win. SAD!

  1. That entire segment was disgusting. Lie after lie after lie from the panel. That doctor cleaned their clocks and then some with real facts.

    • Yeah, especially the one guy who used anecdotal “evidence” from one UK hospital, to use an example of not working (also not citing that the conservative government there has underfunded their health care causing the problems they had). Since he was there for a month, he was now suddenly an expert in UK health care. XD XD XD XD

    • Facts are hard for a propaganda shop like Faux to argue with, as they are so out of practice. They don’t usually use facts. It’s possible they don’t recognise them. Notice how when all else fails they resort to a thin anecdotal argument, a frequently deployed fallacy at Faux. Nothing stimulates the imagination quite like a good ghost story. Sadly, Faux viewers will now imagine they know something about something. Some brave journo has GOT to deal with Faux’s unadulterated bullshit once and for all. Thank gods for the old school fourth estate! When right wing nutjobs call you a socialist as if it’s something bad, just point out the irony “far better than being hopelessly antisocial luddite like you knuckle draggers… now get the f off my social media.” =j

    • +The Jones i just couldn’t get past your comment, without giving it a thumbs up or without saying…. thank you for your comment!
      Looking forward to more of such comments!
      Also don’t let YouTube eat into your social activities, take care buddy!

  2. What is not moderate is 30 million AMERICANS with no healthcare coverage. The system we have now is the radical one.

    • Exactly. Government health care with 100% of the population covered is _cheaper_ than private health care with 80-90% of the population covered, just think about that for a moment.

    • But according to FOX, taking care of all americans equals socialism. But also, taking care of America is supposed to be patriotic.

  3. The health insurers are going crazy because they know that no nation who has adopted universal healthcare has ever repealed it. I’m Canadian, and can attest to the fact that any politician who suggested privatization of our healthcare system would be committing political suicide. I sincerely hope that our American sisters and brothers will one day join the civilized world and guarantee healthcare for all.

    • Kath Casey – as a taxpayer I would be PROUD to pay my taxes so that your parents and in-laws – who paid taxes their entire lives – would be able to get proper medical care.

    • +Olaf Kolzig Fine, you support someone else’s parents. The problem with trash like you is you pretend “charity” while wanting Govt force making others do it. Charity is fine. But, the IRS is not the Salvation Army, moron.

    • +issaciams depend where you live and what sickness you have. A colonoscopy and then removal of a polyps, from start ( doctor, tests, then colonoscopy to remove a polyps) = 1 month . Cardiac surgeries take more time to be done, That the only major waiting time . Cancer treatment is quick. In the free clinics, you phone for an appointment , then the day after, I wait 20 minutes to see a doctor for 15 minutes, if you want to see him for longer you have to wait a few days. At the emergency , it depend of how sick you are. In the flue seasons when everyone think they will die and go to the emergency for nothing, the wait time is horrible (16 hours) but only 4 hours if you have something more serious. If you’re really sick and call an ambulance, you go straight to the intensive care unit. This is in Québec, In Alberta, the waiting time was about the same. We almost get free medications also. We only pay a partial price, like the 1/5 of the cost of the meds… The poor people have free dentist and earn $750/month. If you have 1 kid, it goes up to, $1500 a month, free dentist, eyeglases. Life is great In Canada. My 86 year old mother had a skin cancer small tumors remove on the same day after waiting 4 hours at the emergency. She will go back for treatment in 1 month.

    • +Frederic Bastiat … maybe that you have a long waiting time because they don’t want to see you !!! you seem like such a fine human being that they might wish you dead ! It’s not that bad in Québec and if you’re very sick you can also go to Cuba and pay a fair price and swear at them in English . SO stay in New Brunswick please !

  4. Just do it America!!! Go progressive. I’ve lived in England for 12 years now, and I can tell you that you are being drip fed bullshit. Stop voting against your own self interest. I’ve been treated through the NHS. I could not believe how kind and professional everyone I encountered was. I’ve been to the ER in America. I’ve been to the British equivalent (A and E). I’ve found the waiting times no different than in the waiting times in America. I’ve had back surgery for sciatica and it changed my life. The ambulance service is top notch. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation and need a helicopter ride; you will get one. If you get Cancer, as my partner did, you will receive top notch care. If you can’t see your GP, or primary care physician, we have walk in centres open 24/7. We also have a free phone line to call a medical professional if you aren’t sure if you should go to the doctor. I also only pay a little over 8 pounds for my prescriptions no matter what drugs I’m paying for. I just can’t scream it loud enough!!!! Vote progressive!!!! Vote Bernie. The Godfather of this movement.

    • +Eric Yes. One of the most important points he made was that you cannot have a good or service that is a human right on the free and open market. You want a monopoly here, with floors and ceilings controlled by the Gov. in the best interest of its people. Not the same as most goods/services.

    • On the Prescription front, remember in the UK you can buy an annual Prescription prepayment certificates for £104 and all Prescription are covered for a year no matter how many, or what drugs are prescribed.

    • I wish it were that easy but as the people on Faux News said, they think it will lead to us becoming a Soviet Dictatorship.

  5. The quality in the UK has gone down because of RIGHT-WING’s CUTS to the funding! Amazing how they can blame the left for their own policy.

    • Defund, defund, defund. Sounds like what they are doing to Venezuela. Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions then say ‘Look!’, socialism doesn’t work. Rich and greedy people are the most evil.

    • Damn fucking right. I owe possibly my life and the lives of many in my family to the NHS, let alone the data that shows us routinely ranking as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Americans out there, don’t let anyone use lies about our NHS to stop you from calling for Medicare for All.

    • No idea what benchmarks that guy was using in terms of the “before” when claiming that quality of care in the UK had gone down because of their “socialized system”? Chances are neither did he though. Most Fox pundits always seem to be talking out of their backside.

    • it was the lefts fault for letting the right do it. THANKS OBAMA, or something along those lines. also, benghazi.

  6. a doctor who actually takes the Hippocratic oath literally. a doctor is supposed to care about the people who get sick. our hospital has become a business. the care there has gone down ever since. it use to be it got A and B grades. now it never gets out of the D’s.

    • He does know that a public healthcare doesn’t have to affect his bottom line . If anything for the average doc it means far less paperwork and having to deal with stupid insurance companies trying to weasel their way of paying everything . Also they can exchange some of their pay ( one of the highest one in world ) with a public free college and insurance against medical lawsuits , A very good deal for even 25 % cut in pay i think

  7. My friend just killed herself last night. If we had medicare for all she could have had the resources to help her. Thank you democrats and republicans: you’ve murdered another American. I hope the money helps you sleep at night, traitors.

  8. You can’t have free market for something you have no choice. We all gonna get sick at one point in our lives period. You can decide not to own a car but you can’t decide not to get sick.

    • The “right” does not love saving money – they love to spend money on things THEY want, not on things that YOU need. YOU need health care. THEY want gold-plated faucets with matching towel racks.

  9. Auto insurance is forced on us. We have to have it by law or we can’t drive. How is that a free market system?

    • I hear that Australia has a form of basic 3rd party car insurance that covers _all_ drivers. So that 3rd parties are always covered as a standard base line and, if people want more comprehensive cover, they can get it privately. Maybe an Ozzy can clarify that position?

    • +JE Hoyes….. When you register your car, it includes third party insurance, that just insures anyone you hurt (if at fault) gets compensation. You would be a fool not to have Comprehensive insurance though.

    • Eric So, is that an Australian system? I’ve driven many cars that were only worth insuring 3rd party. In the UK the basic cover was 3rd party, fire and theft and, in the past, the difference in cost was enough to make it an acceptable risk. Nowadays, the last time I asked about TPF&T, the insurer wasn’t offering it as an option.

    • Auto insurance isn’t a necessity if you don’t have a license or a car. You can always ride a bus, take a train, use Uber or Lyft. Ailment or sickness isn’t exactly something you can dismiss, put aside or stay away from; because everybody get sick at some point of their life. It’s part of our nature, our being. As much as we can be healthy, we could be sick.

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