Paul Ryan: Now We’re Coming For Your Medicare

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Paul Ryan just announced the next stage in the great Republican robbery of the American people. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Republicans scored a major win for their business allies when they ushered tax bills through both the House and Senate that chopped the corporate rate to 20 percent.

Now, the GOP is on the verge of handing back part of that signature achievement as negotiators prepare to hash out differences between the two chambers’ plans. Top Republicans on Wednesday acknowledged they are contemplating raising the rate to 22 percent — a concession apparently necessary to help pay for other must-do adjustments.

From my colleagues Damian Paletta and Erica Werner:

No decisions have been made. The White House has been resistant to making this change, but President Trump said casually on Saturday morning that the 22 percent corporate rate might be necessary. Each percentage point that is added back to the corporate rate would free up around $100 billion in revenue over 10 years. Still, White House officials have tried to stress to Congress in the past two days that their strong preference is to keep the corporate rate at 20 percent. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said he too was resistant to raising the rate. 'Not as far as I’m concerned,' he said. 'It’s still 20.’”

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Paul Ryan: Now We're Coming For Your Medicare


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36 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Now We’re Coming For Your Medicare

  1. It doesn’t matter, Republicans are misguided and misinformed. They won’t understand this and blame democrats even though they had no say in it.

  2. In the state of Alaska breaking into someones home and stealing what they need to live will get the burglar killed. No questions asked. Is it really so different in Washington?

  3. If only all America could work together and stop paying health insurance all at once make the companies bankrupt then we could start over. The govt would have to implement universal healthcare. Use this free market the Republicans love so much. Then we could do it with taxes and end the war machine and keep the 700 billion a year for schools or education. Reboot the Govt and economy.

  4. Out of control capitalism has officially begun in full swing in America. Unfortunately, capitalism relies on profit from the people in the lower classes being able to afford to buy goods. If the biggest, wealthiest companies can’t sell goods, they simply sell overseas for their profit; but smaller business and the economy within the afflicted country can eventually collapse.

  5. Republican economics in two steps:
    1. “Tax cuts for the rich will give us so much money!”
    2. “Whoops, trickle down failed (again). Sorry poor people, we’re screwing you all over again. You don’t really NEED healthcare, do you?”

    • eatmorenachos : my friend I see you think it’s time for change. We no longer have a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. I suggest we contacted our our representatives and tell them that their services are no longer needed and to get out now. I mean today. We have been sold out. every Republican and Democratic must go. We need to take back America. Unless you’re willing to wait until we are homeless or they murder us in our beds. I cannot with all consciousness leave my loved ones in a country that will only enslave them. I am starting now telling everyone to contact their representatives. We need critical mass to effect change. if you agree spread the word and send a message

    • shane white True, but conservatives are “anchored” on a few core points, which binds them to the Republican Party.
      It’s basically “me guns” and abortion.

  6. 1. They made the deficit worse by cutting revenue below expenses. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you don’t cut your income when you are spending more than you make on essential expenses (entitlements are essential expenses in that they are a promise to the American people to give back what they have been taking out of our taxes since the very first paycheck any of us ever got). 2. They made the deficit worse by doing nothing to lower the cost of health care. When they say repealing the individual mandate reduces the deficit, that’s sort of true, but only because all of that health cost will be on the backs of the uninsured and the insured who end up subsidizing them through paying the world’s highest health insurance premiums.

  7. “It’s your money, they are gonna rob you of that money” says Cenk, who is a preacher of raising taxes even further on hard working wealthy people to give it others

    • BigHoss81 The fact that you had to take it straight to racism to try to defend an extremely ignorant POV is telling.

      Argument won’t work? Be racist! Sounds legit. So predictable.

    • I was being sarcastic dumbass, he was making a generalization about wealthy people, so I changed “wealthy” to “black” and now immediately I’m discriminatory, but he’s not. Makes sense.

    • Dude, did you not realize that 100% of wealthy people inherited their money or gained it by forcing people to work for starvation wages? Not a single one worked hard and saved up and invested into starting a business and worked 60 hour weeks and withheld a salary to pay their employees, not one of them. You probably voted for a racist too….

  8. Never have I seen a country where so many people vote so enthusiastically against their own self interests to the benefit of so few who couldn’t care less about them.

    • Funny enough that happened here too in Denmark. They just passed through regulation in order to punish immigrants for having too many kids, but instead ended up punishing many more Danes instead. So yeah, i guess people are willing to suffer in order to make other people suffer. Not the greatest life lesson of humanity but there you go.

    • Their self interest is to make liberals cry, deport immigrant, ban Muslims, build a wall and give everybody a gun.
      In that spirit, I think they made the right choice with Trump. Trump is their spirit animal.

    • LordOfLuck. In Austria they tried to ban Burkas, now the police decides if it is cold enough to wear a scarf and stuff like that. How can it be that we Germans are starting to look like the sane ones, with the Trump-esque party only getting 12%.

  9. But… but… Cenk! American companies are at the pinnacle of success! Their earnings have never been higher! Their profits have never been higher! They have billions and billions of dollars in stored funds bursting out at the seams in offshore banks!

    Yeah, American corporations, the poor things, desperately need those tax cuts, right? Bend over, America. Bend over and spread ’em….

  10. This is the issue I’ve been trying to drill in to my stubborn conservative family’s heads. Ignorance and disinformation has people voting against their own well-being.

  11. What is the average rate of return for large political donations on average? For example, if you’re a billionaire and you donate $x to a politician or PAC and you get the promised financial benefit, then what is the average value of ($y – $x)/$x, where $y is the amount gained?

  12. Republicans warn about redistribution of wealth, then turn around and steal from most of us and give it to the rich. They should be ashamed of themselves. Their short-sighted greed is going to cause the system to collapse.

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