Obama Praises Medicare For All

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Obama Praises Medicare For All


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90 thoughts on “Obama Praises Medicare For All

  1. He didnt do sht in 8 years . Its all cheap populism they promise the sky because they wont get in power . But shen push comes to shove they never do it .

  2. Kyle I can’t wait until all the corporate media flips and starts saying “oh Medicare for all and free college Is actually a good idea -_-“ like we told them all along……

    • Medicare for all reminds me of how long the veterans stand in line to see a doctor and get their medication. I am iffy about the thought. I know a lot of canadians come to the USA to have surgery because Medicare for all will not pay for their surgeries. I just can’t convince myself it’s a good idea.

    • +rl sande,
      How long do they stand in line? Where do you see this? I am a USMC OIFOEFOND disabled & decorated combat vet.
      I use the MinneapolisSt. Paul VA and it is fantastic!
      It is a HUGE, modern hospital with some of the best professionals in the area. I get timely appointments, with regular reminders & phone-follow-ups asking about quality of service. I prefer using this VA hospital, over the private clinics in the area, even with private insurance.

      There is nothing radical about UNIVERSAL CARE or FREE EDUCATION. Out of the 33 developed countries, 32 have universal health care.
      America used to be the envy of the world for its free education & even a “3rd-World” country like Thailand has Universal Health Care (Thailand, the #1 country for medical tourism).
      _”“How can [countries] afford not to invest in the health of their people?…Poor health holds you back so badly.”_

      UK has had it since 1948
      Germany since the 1883

    • +Harry Mann Jr You end up with no money now with medical debt as much as the house you live if not more even with insurance. Significantly bring down medical costs and prescription costs and it would be a much better system. But that will never happen in a for profit healthcare sysrem

    • +Googl Selzmiyinfo Scott brown special was in Jan. 2010 and the person he replaced gave Obama 60 votes for a total of 4 months. That includes Joe Lieberman who really could not be counted on. Once you include recesses and holidays. It was pretty much 2 months.

    • +Robert Jenkins Hillary Clinton was chairwoman of a commission during the Clinton Era that was meant to create an American NHS but her inexperience in these matters caused such a service not to exist

    • And we would have been much closer today if he ha tried, if not finally through at least in some states. These idiots that approve of Obama rolling over against the odds are dicks. Did women do that to get their rights? NO. And they went after the President to get them.


    • Smug Bernie didn’t you listen to the video. Like Kyle said Obama never campaigned for single payer like Medicare for all. Why should he pass something he never campaigned for?

      I think you should blame him for not adding the public option on the ACA because that is something he actually promised.

    • he was never in a position. a chunk of the dems were blue dog dems they called them. repubs with a d by there name. they never would have voted yes. they why he gave up. its called compromise. obamacare not the best, but better then nothing.

    • History of public helth care in Norway:
      “The origins of today’s health institutions are medieval hospitals and poverty houses linked to churches and monasteries. The oldest known hospital in Norway is Trondhjem Hospital, which has been operating on the same property before 1277. In the 16th century, the state began to develop a public health service in Norway. The purpose was initially to employ a college graduate physician, physician or physicist in each of the foundations in Denmark-Norway, later in each county and in the municipalities. Eventually, positions were created for public midwives and for doctors throughout the country.”

  3. Obama was supporting Single Payer as far back as 2003 (the video is on YouTube). I suspect he’s supported it all along, but after being run through the establishment ringer, he became another vanilla Democrat. Now that he doesn’t have to worry about re-election, he can support it again. Fingers crossed. And for the people who think he could have passed single payer in 2009/2010, you’re wrong. He was barely able to pass the crappy version of Obamacare that we got, and that was after making major concessions. Your fallacy is that you think all Dems vote in unison and they don’t, at least not when it comes to progressive policies. A good chunk of them are just shy of being Republican. Hopefully the Justice Democrats will cleanse the party of those types.

    • +Zaq Kickasola The naivety is astounding. If his starting position was Medicare for all, he would’ve never passed anything at all. He was already getting pushback for being a “socialist” and un American. Truthfully I don’t know how you’ve manged to convince yourself of this revisionist history. Medicare for all in 2018 is unpopular among politicians, including democrats. You think that in 09 Obama could’ve passed it. That the blue dogs and centrists beholden to various special interests would’ve ever been able to vote for it? Obama care barely passed and was challenged every step of the way. They couldn’t even manage the public option yet you think that if he started with Medicare for all, he could’ve passed the public option?

      It would’ve been too easy for Republicans who were already calling Obama authoratarian because of his executive orders to reframe the debate as Obama trying to balloon the deficit or bankrupt the country even more in the midst of a recession. In October of 2009 Obama’s approval rating was at around 50%. That would’ve tanked with the suggestion of Medicare for all. And Lieberman was the hold out vote for the public option. Even fewer democrats would have voted for Medicare for all.

      Also, the Republicans would’ve had an easier time repealing it when they flipped both houses.

    • If he truly supported Medicare For All, why did he foist tom perez as the head of the dnc? Why did he endorse diane feinstein for senate (both do not support it), instead of Allison Hartson? How come he hasn’t endorsed Alexandria Ocasio -Cortez? Why did he fight harder to push the TPP through, than he ever did with Single Payer or the Public Option? He’s a corporate democrat through and through. I’m ashamed I voted for him twice. But never again. As Nina Turner said, “Any old blue just won’t do.”

    • indianLover4you69 I don’t think its a bad thing, as its a positive whenever anyone endorses these policies. I am just somewhat sceptical of Obama here, because I haven’t seen him talk about medicare for all before, and he is going to be/is campaigning for the Democrats. I haven’t seen him endorse many Justice Dems or populist left progressives yet (Beto O’Rourke or Ocasio-Cortez being major ones), as such it seems more like a move to boost his popularity among progressives whilst he is campaigning for more centrist democrats. I hope I am wrong, but they seem to be the indications.

    • +Proxel most politicians arent genuine in their thought process…so I can understand your scepticism on the motive behind his comments. But at the end of the day the establishment/corporate Democrats are against health care for all, and Obama is going against that notion. This is huge for social Democrat politicians…to have someone as beloved as Obama preach your policies.

  4. Such a new idea… *We in Germany have a public option (which is kinda the same) since 1883.*
    …all these _completely new_ ideas! WOW.

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