Obama Endorses “Medicare For All” – Calls It New Idea

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In Obama’s latest speech he endorses Medicare For All. He refers to it as a new idea, even though most of the industrialized world already has Single Payer.

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Obama Endorses "Medicare For All" – Calls It New Idea


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87 thoughts on “Obama Endorses “Medicare For All” – Calls It New Idea

    • +Matty Ice lol “he killed the man responsible for the biggest civilian attack in american history” XD you still believe that horseshit? You live in an age of science and technology, an age where a fair bit of research can be done without too taxing an effort.
      It behooves you to learn or you will forever be a useful idiot.

      Obama is an eloquent speaker and charming in front of a camera – that is where his accolades should end.

  1. Anyone paying attention in 2008 would agree that he is a pos. The very guys that he was going to hope and change into prison became his advisors the day after he was elected.

    • Bin Ladin was a CIA operative who helped start multiple wars for the US to fight against, until they cut him lose the told the media he was to blame for 9/11. If you think Obama was good then must have loved Bush too, right? They had the same policies.

    • V Undertaket
      You are paying for the medical bill of everyone anyway, because in America every person who arrives at an emergency room has to be attended to regardless of whether or not they have insurance. The big difference that Medicare for all makes is that it gives government the opportunity to bargain prices. If you think that the prices in our health system are not exaggerated; Think for a moment, a hospital charges $ 75 for each small paper cup in which they bring you the pills, when these only cost them less than a penny, if you are in the hospital and take medicine twice, there they charge $ 150 and that It is only a small example, if you think that there is nothing wrong with that I respect your opinion but I do not share it.

    • Obama always knew how to dangle the catch phrases in speeches. Where was the action? He was going to save us from the banks but then tapped Geithner for Treasury Secretary. I think what’s so horrifying is how few people understood Geithner had helped create the problem.

    • That’s right. Americans pay 3 times as much taxes for a private heath care system than the UK citizens pay for their free national health service.

    • Obama literally legitimized drone strikes in his administration by quoting from St. Augustine. History will not be kind to Obama and how he stabbed so many of his own voters in the back. “Hope and change” are literally just platitudes now, the cynicism in politics will only get worse before it gets better thanks to Obama. God bless anyone who has the resources and energy to get people like Ocasio-Cortez into office.

    • He also brought up whenever tragidy strikes people need to stop sending thoughts and prayers to the victim and their family, while there are so many vidoes or evidence of him doing that. This guy is well you know.

    • That is true. However, since Medicare for All is now favored, not only by Democrats and independents, but also a slim majority of Republicans, how does it apply?

    • “He endorsed it during his campaign speeches”

      As far as I recall, Obummer claimed that Medicare for All was not politically viable.[1] What he promised was a public option, but once elected took that off the table for nothing in return. (Yes, we can. But we won’t.)

      [1] Not sure how Obama knew about what is today “a new idea” back in 2008. Maybe he saw footage of Lyndon Johnson saying it would soon be expanded to cover all Americans back when he signed the legislation creating Medicare. Or maybe he read about Theordore Roosevelt (1912?) calling for a national health insurance program?

      At any rate it’s wonderful to see that Obama is finally “looking forward”.

  2. He’s just a boring propaganda machine for corporate dem with a pretty face and good manner.

    Not only sad but dangerous for public.

    He’s become “Reagan” of Dem.

  3. Obama made student loan debt backed by the federal government immortal, it can never be absolved through bankruptcy. He gives zero shits about student debt.

    • You do know you can do that right, that you can divest car and mortgage debt through personal bankruptcy. The only form of debt in the us that you can’t discharge through personal bankruptcy is student loan debt.

    • “never be absolved through bankruptcy” — I’m pretty sure it was like that before 2008 (for federal government-backed loans). Obama at least introduced more payment options that capped bills to a percentage of disposable income.

    • Anthony Noel You can discharge the debt, but you do not keep the car / house. Since college degrees are intangible there is no way to take away a college degree from someone.

    • N the last Budget There Was Like 200 Million$ For Free College,Also Help Pay Ur Debt ,So Some People got Helped n America . It was Basically U had First Come ,First Serve Until the $ Ran out .

  4. Yea, and the POS won the Nobel Peace Prize, and then expanded our wars… Mr environment had worse thank Reagan Interior head Ken Salazar… This guy is the biggest fraud on this earth…

  5. As a UK citizen I don’t understand how a guy who was President for EIGHT years that endorses free healthcare couldn’t provide it for his people!! Wake up America

    • He had a smiling face and was replacing a goon George Bush. People went to sleep after getting rid of Bush and his 8 years went unnoticed.

    • Jupiter Cyclops  I sympathise with your problem; I also agree that Jimmy Dore (JD) highlights important issues that most of the main stream media (msm) tends to gloss over. If what JD says is true then former President Obama is talking rubbish. It’s actually the people applauding and cheering that trouble me more … are they for real (can’t the “Google” the facts”? I have to make clear that American domestic policy doesn’t concern me, because: I don’t have a vote; it doesn’t impact me directly and besides the political process is different in the UK and again in Scotland (so a lot of the subtleties are lost on me). Still it’s a bit curious that similar tactics have been employed here; by the same msm.

      For example, at the moment, the UK is in the process of leaving the European Union (EU) … only Scotland didn’t vote for that. The msm like to call this “Brexit”; which was (and is) a complex issue, but the referendum has some uncanny similarities in the tactics adopted by much of the msm before the last Presidential election. You see the UK msm features some of the powerful American media companies (and a Canadian one); who clearly didn’t like Brexit (they are not shy in interfering in UK politics; no Russians required); Obama and Clinton dropped over to tell us America didn’t like Brexit , basically saying screw “the special relationship”, the UK would be at the back of the queue for trade deals (or words to that effect) if it left the EU and all the polls predicted a landslide for the “remain”. Then the UK voter voted 52% to leave the EU … but still the msm wouldn’t give up (sound familiar?). Seems those that voted to leave were: ill-informed; poorly educated or stupid to start with; then a wailing and gnashing of teeth … then accusations … now look what you’ve done! Doom and gloom predicted, every drop in the pound or closure linked to the dread “Brexit” (although it actually hasn’t happened yet). Funny thing though: the longer this goes on the more the msm looks like the enemy of democracy. In other words: the msm are currently destroying their own credibility; they show themselves to be blunt and dull and when some gave political donations in America, to be corrupt as well.

      I’m not sure I can provide you with the answers: holding people accountable, as JD seems to be doing, is certainly one way; but the msm pump so much sludge that this often gets lost in the mix. It seems to me that a lot of people know that something is very wrong; but with both main parties being right-wing entities; the political system is polarised and they’ve shown that they are the same thing by voting through a big military budget and more powers for Trump. By the way this happened here in the UK with the Tories v “New” Labour and it nearly resulted in the breakup of the UK. Negative campaigning; no policies and the laughable “… but I’ll tell you what we won’t do!” left the socialists nothing to vote for; the electorate confused (the two main parties, one who always wins are the same) so the Scots turned to their own party and despite the, a vote for the SNP is a vote for our opposition and the SNP can’t win (true because Scotland only has 59 seats in the UK parliament of over 600 seats and the SNP only stand in Scotland). Final result: Tories 1 seat; New Labour 1 seat; Libdems 1 seat; SNP 56 seats. The three main Westminster parties were rejected here; then Labour returned to the left (despite the New Labour stragglers trying to destroy the party); the Tories also split leading the Brexit and Remain campaigns. This suggests to me that things will change in America (but maybe not the way some people will like it) but I can’t see the future.

    • +irresistablejewel right on brother. Sounds like u know more about our politics then I do yours.
      Sounds like we’re all screwed.
      It’s going to get worse. Social media is censoring more and more.
      Good luck and peace to u!!

    • Jupiter Cyclops  Well primarily I’m interested in systems and structures; I’ve found that pretty much all social structures depend on “trust” and if that evaporates it becomes difficult to get things done. Unfortunately for market fundamentalists trust cannot be bought, it has to be earned and it’s easy to lose. Like the day Gerald Ratner told other business leaders in a speech the secret to his companies success, “We sell crap” (his words not mine); next day his company went bust. Nothing had really changed, his company still sold the same “crap”; but something else occurred. I’d let others decide exactly what, but I’d call it a second order system effect (a side effect).
      I’m not so worried about social media, because it’s more than four big companies; the internet is dynamic in nature and if the government insists on spying on us, then that erodes trust and so individuals will tend to move to the dark web and use cryptography as standard. The social media giants have a problem as they are caught between “freedom of speech” and not hosting “hate speech”, but that’s their problem not mine.
      I would guess that things will become worse before they get better for the majority of taxpayers in America and the UK (just to name two). In my opinion the core reason is a faulty perception of money. Yes I’m saying that all those who talk about money incessantly; bring every policy within the context of money and who will kill for profit are living in a fantasy world. What’s more in doing what they do I believe they have contaminated the money system. Printing shed-loads of money; trying to pay of debt (plus interest) this is no more than a Ponzie type scheme.
      Anyone that stands up and says that is likely to lose the company so the scheme continues and trust in money keeps evaporating; it can’t continue for ever.
      Money is an abstract system through which to exchange goods and services; it’s not magical and those trying to use debt as money are spreading a contagion. Since printing more: pushes up prices; destroys the worth of savings and pension, that can’t continue … the longer it goes on the worse it will get for the majority of us.
      No taxation without representation is one angle; perhaps a new party led by someone who is honest and much younger than 70; but I’m sorry the way things are going it looks like war.

    • sorenpx I probably pay two grand a year for health social security police fire military. How much do you pay a lot more or a lot less??

    • That young Obama, fired up and getting us ready to stomp some guts out of traitor neocons and quislings like Pelosi who took impeachment off the table to enrich herself and throw Americans to the wolves simultaneously. SICK. He served us chopped liver. And now we are fucked. Instead of reversing the damages Bush and Cheney did to our society, he added to them, and put the pedal to the metal. And now with the increased obscene executive powers in adversity to the Constitution they have nullified much of the Bill of Rights. They are traitors too. They betray the children that have no say mainly. Parasites who steal their future in the dark of night. Your neighbor’s kids. Your kid’s future promise. Gone. Just like a third world country.

  6. But the liberals love him, because he wears a suit and communicates eloquently. We’re in the age of celebrity. It’s about the messenger, not the message.

    • Mike Dunn 

      If you don;’t already listen to it, I’d recommend The Last American Vagabond to you. Excellent site, but no jokes or Brownie the Dog.

    • You’re speaking to the liberals… Those of us that are watching keenly are aware of the merry-go-round of elitists. There’s no real freedom-loving liberals and small-government conservatives in government. They’ve been fading out since the early 20th century, with the major shifts towards oligarchy in the Wilson, Kennedy (though it wasn’t Kennedy’s fault) Nixon (among others) administrations.

  7. “We tortured some folks.”

    Obama is a fake. He’s up there now, trying to help the shitty democratic party because they know the illusion is being destroyed. They aren’t ever really going to give us single payer. He’s lying again. Ground breaking is about to happen on his new library, isn’t it? Makes sense that about now it’s time to reshape in people’s minds what a laugh his presidency was. It’s easy to toss out a few platitudes and people suck it up.

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