Medicare Supplement Plans 2017|Cheapest Medicare Supplement

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In this video by Loran Marmes, the ways to lower your Medicare Supplement Plans cost without losing benefits are discussed. The Medicare supplements 2017 plan G is still the best Medigap plan on the market for most states. Medicare Supplements for 2017 still has the medigap plan G as the cheapest medicare supplement with the highest amount of benefits. Medicare supplement plan F you are paying a premium just for them to pay the Part B deductible for you. It is much more cost effective for you to pay out of pocket. For 2017 the part B deductible is $183.00 and you will pay the insurance company much more to cover that if you are on a plan F.

2017 Medicare Costs
2017 Medicare Supplement Costs
2017 Medicare Part B deductible
Medicare Supplement Plans
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Loran Marmes
Medicare Solutions Team


Table of Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
02:05 – Slide 3
04:31 – Slide 5
05:03 – Slide 6
05:41 – Slide 7
06:25 – Slide 8

Medicare Supplement Plans 2017|Cheapest Medicare Supplement


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4 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Plans 2017|Cheapest Medicare Supplement

  1. Dumb question – if a plan, say plan G, has the same benefits and doctors no matter what company you purchase it from, why does the cost vary between companies?

    • Mary, the short answer is that, Insurance Companies have teams of actuaries that determine what they need to charge to make a profit after paying claims. Each company has a “sweet spot” and they decide where they want to be aggressive in the market. Those companies price the product aggressively or lower to get more of the business they want.

  2. And here’s another piece of the puzzle. In a couple of years when you can no longer buy an F plan the rate increases will really accelerate. There will no longer be any younger, healthier people coming into the plan. People who can qualify through underwriting will leave thereby leaving only the sick and aging in these plans. Those people will be stuck and rates will go through the roof. Unless somebody absolutely insists on an F plan I don’t recommend them

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