Medicare for All: 3 Big Questions Not Being Asked on Health Care Socialism

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Good Morning Liberty: May 10, 2019
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When it comes to the debate over "Medicare for all" almost everyone is ignoring 3 big questions – the essential ones, of course. But it's not just Democrats that are the problem. Republicans are also on board with health care socialism and have been for a long time.

3 Big Questions That Are Not Being Asked about “Medicare for All”

Republicans’ Love of Healthcare Socialism

Making America Socialist Again

Medicare for All: 3 Big Questions Not Being Asked on Health Care Socialism


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7 thoughts on “Medicare for All: 3 Big Questions Not Being Asked on Health Care Socialism

  1. How many times did republicans vote to repeal Obamacare when Obama had veto power and everyone understood that it was frivolous saber-rattling? I wanna say it was upwards of 80 different times they voted to repeal over 6 years or so. Or John Boehner famously spent years say if Republicans got control of the house they would repeal, when they had that they said “we need the senate. if we get the senate we will repeal.” They got the senate. Then Boehner says “well we need the presidency. Once we get the presidency we can repeal Obamacare” And when Trump won the presidency & Paul Ryan gave this big press confrence about “We can finally deliver on that promise to repeal Obamacare”….. The next day John Boehner did an interview where they asked him how he felt that the Republicans could finally get that bill repealed and without hesitation Boehner very matter of factly said “Thats not going to happen.” Esentially following up that any pretense about repealing ACA was and always had been something they said to win elections. That’s all it was. That no one who had been pushing that message ever meant it as a goal to accomplish. Just a tool to get back power…..

  2. I agree that social security should not exist, but they stole my money all of my working life, shouldn’t I be able to to expect some kind of return.

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