Kamala Harris May Already Be Wavering On Medicare For All

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Kamala Harris nearly instantly wavered on her Medicare For All stance. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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54 thoughts on “Kamala Harris May Already Be Wavering On Medicare For All

    • +Ryan G Shout out to you too, fellow Philadelphian. Love Krasner. Kenney has been pretty mediocre, though. Even in direct communication, he makes my/his alma maters look pretty dumb.

    • +burtosis Yeah, exactly. She’ll confine young people in a cold, dirty cell for untold number of years — yet allows the most dangerous criminal, Steve Mnuchin off scot-free. Fucking deplorable.

    • +burtosis People like her don’t care that she’s putting in fellow black people. Just like Obama didn’t care that the places he ignored most were the places affected most by minorities. They just use it as cart blanche in debates to say, “I’m black so…” It’s disgusting. And the media, like good subservient apparatuses, bows their head. She was chosen within seconds of Hillary losing. There’s a reason. To steal a quote from the omnipotent George W. Bush, “Fool me once, shame on you? Fool me twice, not gonna fool me again” (Dumbass Dubya smirk to go along with it.)

    • @Daddy AF: Insinuating that Harris is a corporate centrist is not a very good way of proving your point. Evidence, baby, is the only way of nailing a career prosecutor.

  1. the majority of pro black, AA channels are not for her except roland martin and almost every comment is negative against her ,she talked about everyone she’s fighting for they say she never mentioned black people

    • She mainly just likes putting black people in jail. Bonus points for being able to keep them there even when it’s shown they were wrongly convicted.

    • I see too many black Americans fawning over her in the comment section of almost every late night talk show host’s youtube channel.

      It seems all of those talk show hosts have a favorable view of her. And they will push her just like they did with Hillary.

    • I came across this Roland Martin (and his herb supplements) a few days ago and he seemed ambivalent that is, some livid woman on his panel thought that everyone was hating on Kamala Harris for her past relationship with Willie Brown and Roland said no, the negativity was about her less-than-progressive record as a prosecutor.
      All the other channels that had black hosts I came across didn’t like Kamala, along with their viewers. This is encouraging.

  2. Kamala literally championed tough on crime laws that disproportionately put blacks in for profit prisons to work for free. Why wouldn’t blacks vote for someone who sells them into modern slavery?

    • burtosis guess what group is hurt by their parents not taking them to school, poor black kids. I’ve read her record and I also know how truancy programs work. The threat of charges is how you bring parents who otherwise refuse to engage with services to the table.

      Honest question, do you actually know and have relationships with poor black and brown people? Have you ever lived in a neighborhood so riddled with drugs and violence that watching police raids on stash houses was summer entertainment for you while you were in elementary school? Have you ever seen someone measure, cut up, and bag cocaine after you finished you Saturday morning cartoons? Or do you assume that because minorities hate overpolicing that they hate good solid police work in their community?

      The national media narrative on black and brown people’s relationship with police and the criminal justice system is over simplistic. Black community leaders approached Clinton and the Democrats about addressing crime. The congressional black caucus endorsed the 1994 crime bill. Black lives matter and minority groups generally just want police held accountable when they make mistakes.

      Also, it’s inaccurate to say she opposed legislation for body worn cameras. She elected to not endorse the bill because of her role as attorney general because she would have been seen as taking discretion away from elected officials. Once she wasn’t in that position she helps the drafter of that bill with recommendations to make the bill more feasible based on how the state works. So yeah I have studied her record pass sound bites in videos. I actually went and read how her ideas were implemented.

  3. She Will not keep her word. for a day on anything progressive. The dnc, cia are two agencies that are doing lowball moves too fool the public.

  4. Harris seems to be from the political tradition of “What to I need to say, be or pretend to be, to get the damn fool yokels to vote for me?” After the election they shelve it all and do what their elite backers want.

  5. Kamala Harris needs to go back to her billionaire masters and report the difficulty she’s having giving speeches. Every time her lips move BS falls out of her mouth. Maybe they could tighten her strings or is that the part of the puppet you control with hand moments? Either way

  6. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised by this, Kamala has repeatedly blatantly demonstrated her loathing of the lower class during her years as a prosecutor, and even in her candidacy speeches

  7. I’m so tired of these corporate parties. Enough already we need to push for candidates like Bernie. We will not ignore him.

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