I am on Medicare, Doctors do not want to see me, why do Physicians refuse Medicare patients

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Our health insurance agency is frequently asked by Medicare beneficiaries, why physicians will not accept them for treatment and why Hospitals avoid Medicare if possible. The answer is very simple, Money, they do not receive enough reimbursement from CMS. Learn why Congress is the primary reason for the substandard beneficiary reimbursements.


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7 thoughts on “I am on Medicare, Doctors do not want to see me, why do Physicians refuse Medicare patients

  1. I realize that what you say is correct, Gary.  However, hospitals, doctors’ practices and almost the entire medical profession are just plain overcharging the public to maintain their bloated, inflexible system.  They could use a little belt tightening.
    NOW for the real question:  exactly what function of absolute value do the insurance companies serve?  Well, they do keep patients away from doctors, make profits, etc….but we seem to do just fine without them…everywhere else in the world  

  2. I don’t take Medicare because it wastes our time with idiotic billing requirements. Good video.

  3. Here is the thing about the 7% medical inflation rate that most people overlook:  the US Dollar suffers between 2% to 3% inflation per year so why is the medical inflation rate higher than the rate of inflation?  Simple.  Since Medicare doesn’t increase payments by 2% to 3% per year, hospitals and doctors have to charge a higher rate to patients not on Medicare and Medicaid to compensate for the lack of Medicare payments which is why the medical inflation rate is 7% per year.  If Medicare had always increased reimbursement by 2% per year the medical inflation rate would be closer to 3% to 4% per year.

    • Many time they lose money on you (they are paying for your health care) and can’t afford it. A surgeon who does an esophagectomy will spend 6-10 hours in the operating room in addition to many hours in postoperative care for 3 months with a reimbursement of around $1500. That no where near cover all the expenses incurred by them for that amount of work. Why would you expect someone to pay for your care?

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