Health care CEO: Medicare for all ‘would just collapse the system’

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Health care CEO: Medicare for all 'would just collapse the system'


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20 thoughts on “Health care CEO: Medicare for all ‘would just collapse the system’

  1. This idiots talk in our name ,dig in our packets,
    Yap medicare for all, medicaid for millions Of immigrants, each immigrant collect$3000 a month

  2. Wondered when they were gonna speak up! About time! They aren’t woth alot, w/ dr having zero control, but better than budget breaking, low quality socialized medicine!

  3. Capitalism empowers the individual, whereas socialism empowers the bureaucrats. Don’t be fooled by the devil’s work.

  4. If you ever want to talk about social healthcare I would be happy to have a chat. I am Australian and I have a disability that requires a fair bit of medical “things”.
    It has it’s good points and it’s bad points. It just depends on who is running the show.
    It costs us a lot and they (Gov) are regularly discussing how to get rid of it due to costs, but it does work, albeit very slowly more often then not.
    I am currently in my 3rd year of a waiting list to see a specialist Neurosurgeon. But I can’t afford private, so I wait. That is one of the downfalls of the public system.
    But on the flip side, I recently got a very prompt appointment to have my teeth sorted out. 6 appointments in the public hospital in my town all about 2 weeks apart to have work done that would have cost me over $2K at a regular dentist.
    Our population is what, 1/14th the population of the USA and we have (almost) no illegal or undocumented immigrants, so I couldn’t see our model functioning too well in the USA, because it relies on every single working person to pay into the coffers that run it.
    Even those who have private insurance have to pay the Medicare levy, but they pay less.
    It is pretty in depth, so I’ll leave it there.

  5. People are not talking about Senator Burr did and why the republicans are letting him do it. What does that tell you about them? Americas government has become one party.

  6. News flash, the dems want to crash the system.. now that we understand that, maybe we can move on. We have soldiers being disarmed in our country, and criminals running around free, some are even running for office. And now, we’re getting ready to celebrate our golden anniversary with Iran where we threaten them for being bad, but don’t actually do anything. Maybe we celebrate by allowing our sailers boats to be boarded and questioned at gunpoint again. We need to stop going there cause we always bring the enemy home with us.

  7. Hollywood the pit of vipers and delusional psychopaths so enamoured with their own Narcissism that they cannot realize the rest of us live in reality, not Disneyland.

  8. Who can know whether or not you’re actually going to get proper medical attention even if you’re paying a premium.

  9. Demos rats like every thing for everybody but know solution on how to make it work. Only works for the greedy demos to get rich yes rich play the American people that believe their b.s. that they are for the poor.

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