Does Mayo Clinic Take Medicare and Medigap?

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In this video, I am answering the question:
Does the Mayo Clinic take Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance?

It depends on which location as to whether or not they accept Medicare Assignment. Good news is, you're safe with a Medicare Supplement!

Also, see the video on How Excess Charges Work with Medicare:

The entire guide to What Insurance is Covered at Mayo Clinic is here:

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5 thoughts on “Does Mayo Clinic Take Medicare and Medigap?

  1. Even with Aetna employee sponsored plan, Mayo overcharges for care. Over charges don’t go to your deductible as they are considered false charges (false is my word , must be better lingo) . We averaged about 4000 a year out of pocket costs , these did not go into deductible as they were considered an ‘extortion ‘ charge. Her care there for the 5 years she went were more well care items , never had a hospital stay or emergency room , but were charges for things they said she needed.
    Don’t get me wrong hospital and its system are great but they really should not have a not for profit rating.
    As a side bar to this I am disabled and have a progressive condition which cost lots of money and hospital stays. I’m under my wife’s plan (so same plan) and I’m not a mayo patient . I average 300.00 a year for my out of pocket.

    • Richard, I am VERY sorry to hear about your experience with the Aetna employer-based insurance. This video was specific to only the Medicare coverages at Mayo, since I only deal with Medicare-related insurance. I am sorry you went through that.

  2. My previous note is not against anyone Aetna or mayo. Just want people to know expect to pay more than you are told. Mayo is state of art in care programs but their billing is not as up to the same 5 star level. Why any medical institution can’t state up front what your costs will be beats me. Industry should study how auto mechanics bill.

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