Bernie (And A Canadian) Explain Why Medicare-For-All Is The Answer

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Bernie (And A Canadian) Explain Why Medicare-For-All Is The Answer


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55 thoughts on “Bernie (And A Canadian) Explain Why Medicare-For-All Is The Answer

  1. You’re either for health care as a right of every human being, or you’re for the right of a small group of people to profit off human suffering. There is no center choice. Sanders 2020.

    • Mostly it’s republicans who don’t get it. They refuse tho hear such things as logic or reason, and especially that demon, science.

    • Whoa. That must be rough, unless you’re extremely wealthy and live in the Keys or South Beach. “You say ‘out’ weird; get the hell off my lawn!” But in all seriousness, the reason so many older (and some younger) Americans don’t “understand” is because they’ve outsourced their thinking to 353-person panels on CNN all pushing corporatism. I mean, the so-called outsider, progressive Bill Maher evangelizes capitalism every week on his show. He’s always been lazy and myopic, but he’s become severely untalented and wanting to hoard wealth lately — I mean, he does work a whole hour per week and only gets $10M per year. It’s essentially state-run propagandistic media, my dude.

    • I am a Canadian in Canada, what needs to be understood is the the USA needs reform but Canada is not the way to go. And as a Canadian living anywhere, you should know this and tell the truth about how bad it is here. Yes, it is better than the USA but that is a low bar. Just about every other developed country outranks us and they never look to Canada for ideas because they know what works, and this is not it.

    • +Argenta Frog I’ve literally never heard that from a Canadian. I don’t know a ton, but have encountered enough. But just think of it this way: the US has the most money the world has ever seen. Not only should our healthcare be as good as Canada’s, it should be better in every single aspect. Everything paid by taxes, $0 co-pay for everything needed — whether it be major surgery, chemotherapy or as as simple as a pair of glasses. I’ve said this before, but we have enough money to not only make single-payer possible (and $15 per hour minimum wage, Green New Deal, free college, student debt forgiveness, etc.), but we could afford an iPad-for-all program too.

    • This guy can’t search MSNBC website, as a simple research for the full video? People should know, they DO NOT upload ALL of there videos…and many are cut short. Why, because it’s just Youtube…they do NOT upload everything.

  2. Honestly the best part about universal healthcare is that it’s worry free. If you get sick you can go to the doctor without worrying about a thing.

    • Hardeep kallah

      We’ve allowed our nation to take total advantage of us
      I really don’t see any way out at this point
      Most Americans still relate Bernie to Venezuela
      They are fkn clueless
      I really don’t have much hope

    • H Row We’ve had Humana for 5yrs hon.. It took so long to actually find out what was wrong with me.. My insurance covers like my pain meds, they will NOT cover the doctor though.. He, my doctor, will even code things differently just so that things I need done get covered.. I just cannot believe this is what millions of people think is GREAT!!

    • H Row I know, I’ve heard far worse stories as well however it’s hard to fathom when all my life I haven’t had to worry about something as basic as healthcare. It makes me sad.

    • Swnsasy _ that’s just way too fucked up. America needs universal healthcare now and I pray for you and people alike that Bernie or someone similar wins the election.

    • Argenta Frog I didn’t say it was perfect, but at a lesser cost, coverage for all, less stress, and better outcomes there’s no good argument to be had for private healthcare. Of course we still have to pay a price for pharmaceuticals but it’s all a fraction of the price here.

  3. here in a sunshine state we get canadians that would rather pay for a mediflight back to canada than be treated here for a hospital stay

    • There are a huge number of Canadians that don’t even travel to the US because of the costs of travel insurance to go there.

    • This is True. Since obuma wrecked the system its best to find an out of network doctor and just pay if you want to live. They are not even required to keep a medical record now. SOme places just do for your sake but they don’t have to and they don’t even have to be held responsible now for killing somebody

    • Yeah yeah yeah, sure…ok…..That is the standard bullshit line of the right wing. Thanks for rolling it out. It just wouldn’t be the same if some neocon didn’t put it out there.

  4. I have medicare and I can only see the doctors allowed by my INSURANCE company. If I choose to see an alternative doctor, I either pay for it myself or switch plans each year. I want to see ANY doctor I choose whenever I want……… If I just want a blood test to make sure all my stats are good, I have to get the approval of my primary care physician or pay out of pocket. #Medicare4All, #SinglePayer

    • +Idontlikesand And we should not be led to believe it will be free or anywhere near as good of care as they claim. It’s not the answer.

    • +Mr. Mountain Why would it be worse? Every doctor is going to take Medicare or they’re gonna have to do business in cash only (like some chiropractors do because insurance companies mostly know that chiropractics is junk medicine).

      My roommate is on Medicare Disability. He regularly has to have his doctors contact Humana (the insurance company that manages his Medicare Advantage account) to get routine procedures and medications approved – things that literally are routine and expected because he’s a kidney transplant patient and will be getting that medication and those procedures for the rest of his life. That often means that he has to wait a few weeks before getting necessary procedures or medications simply because he has to wait for approval.

    • I’m Australian, we pay 2% of income as a Medicare tax, I can go to any Doctor and any hospital, blood tests referred by your doctor (or any dr) doesn’t cost anything. Medicine isn’t free, $15 – $20 for a course of anti-biotics for example.
      Mr Mountain’s comments are ill informed and I suspect not genuine.

    • +Tensai55 The care and service, wait times and quality is nothing like the States have. Just Google the problems with Canada’s health care. People literally will wait six months for a knee replacement. It will be good for some. I keep reading that the Canadian health care system is getting worse every year.

  5. Bernie Sanders is most journalist than most of the pundits or journalists on MSNBC, CNN and fox so-call news.

  6. I’m a Canadian living in Los Angeles and I totally agree, they need to listen to us because we actually know how this will work.

    • I mean, they know it’ll work. Here’s the reason why everyone except Bernie is so passionate about keeping the status quo: billionaires and multinational conglomerate corporations. They are scared shitless of a single-payer system in the United States. Anywhere else, they may not be huge fans, but it cannot happen in the U.S. from their perspective. With all the bullshit imperialism that’s done in the name of democracy, capitalism, blah, blah, blah would all go up in smoke when we see socialism works much better than capitalism ever could. So, since we’re the most powerful and wealthy nation the world has ever seen, they need to make sure average citizens get next to nothing.

    • Personal anecdote to take to your friends back in Canada: my mother is a great person, but she’s more or less in favor of keeping the status quo + improving ACA and Medicaid. Which would be nice, but certainly not the answer to what we need. What field does she work? She’s been a registered nurse for close to 40 years and makes $100k doing it! Still, while driving a very modest car, and living in a modest house, she lives paycheck to paycheck — and is in debt up to her eyeballs. It’s sad, but frustrating that she cannot see it’s the system failing her. Not her failing. Just goes to show you the profound effect 40 years of propaganda has on even an intelligent, empathetic lady.

    • Uncle Tom. The US is ripe for revolution. The more the establishment pushes the more and creates identity politics the more people will rise up. The US will not be a united county in a decade, Trump will make sure of it. If the any Democrat wins the election he will not relinquish power.

    • I wonder why nobody reads or Google’s The problems with Canadians health care? Because their are plenty of problems.

  7. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2012 there were 45.6 million people in the US (14.8% of the under-65 population) who were without health insurance.
    Under Trump, the number of uninsured Americans has gone up by 7 million
    Even in a strong economy, Americans are losing their health coverage.

    • Sukhbir Sekhon that strong economy is strong for the wealthy…if you are poor or middle class…not so much

  8. Bernie my man, just say “because ObamaCare just plays with that same broken system, where the big profiteers still push the dial in their favor whenever they want. You cant negotiate with a hurricane, because it has a nature, and it has a purpose. You can push back a little, but the best thing is to get rid of it or get away from it.”

    • Contact your local Bernie campaign office and start writing for the stump speeches. That was clear, concise and easily repeatable on the campaign trail! We need you, please help others to feel/HEAR the Bern!

  9. Also for a lot of self-employed people, we fell through the cracks for Obamacare. unfortunately, Obamacare wasn’t able to help me. and I still can’t afford healthcare so I pay the fine. I didn’t know you were Canadian. No wonder you are out there spreading the truth. Americans seem to have a deep hatred for poor people and brown people!

  10. There’s also the point that Bernie made about eliminating the enormous administrative cost of private insurance.

  11. I agree. I was in Canada and I had to go doctor. As I left I stopped front to ask what I owe. She nothing, I said I am American not Canadian. She don’t worry u r covered, thank you and have nice day. I was floored.

  12. The healthy affect universal healthcare would have on American society would pay for itself so quickly. The current system is like living with a rock in your shoe. There’s such an easy solution to fix the problem. Vote Bern

  13. America is doomed if we don’t get Bernie and enough progressives in Congress in the next election.

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