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According to a new study by Mercatus Center, Bernie Sanders' Medicare for all is projected to cost AMERICA a whopping $32.6 trillion over 10 years.

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73 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro – If BERNIE SANDERS Gets His Way, MEDICARE FOR ALL Will Cost AMERICA $32.6 TRILLION

  1. Hey, Ben. Why didn’t you mention how much our current system is projected to cost over the next 10 years? Because it wouldn’t sound as good if you told your audience that it literally costs less than our current system. Nice propaganda.

    • The current system mandates individuals to purchase insurance, the old system was for people to purchase insurance without a mandate, your current system was also a proposal from the heritage foundation a Right wing think tank and was even implemented by Mit Romney, you are agreeing the current system is a bad idea proposed by the right. Medicare for all is cheaper and covers everyone, what is your issue with that?

    • Elron You idiot Obamacare was a compromise it took over the people who the private insurance companies wouldn’t cover because they were hurting their profits and were viewed too risky like the old or the people with pre existing conditions.

    • Antman4656: There in lies the problem…companies shouldn’t profit from another human beings illness or injury! Where is the morality in that? Especially when we could implement a single payer system (Medicare For All) which historically has operated with an overhead of just under 4%. Much to their chagrin, the Koch brothers own commissioned study proved that Med4All would save taxpayers over $2 TRILLION over the next 10 yrs. Instead, this corporate schill (backed by a right-wing billionaire) is trying to fear monger and gas light people into believing that Med4All is too expensive, so that his puppetmasters can continue to rake in obscene profits while the rest of us struggle to just get by.

      I recently cracked 2 ribs in a bicycle accident heading to work. My bill was $11k for roughly 7 hrs of medical care. They took 3 xrays, a CAT scan, and gave me 750mg of Motrin. That is absolutely criminal! It is a broken system!

    • Well you should have thought about that before you decided to have an accident!!…no wait what am I saying what a horrible system to have in place, I have a friend who broke his hand he received an x-ray and pain medication

      The cost on the spot £00,00 because it’s paid for ahead of time in taxes the same way it goes towards roads,parks,police,mail damn social programmes look at all these terrible things they provide, but good old Ben Shillpiro, did you know that his wife’s a doctor?

    • “Facts over feelings” that’s what the right constantly spews out yet they consistently prove that they’re “feelings over facts.”

  2. Doesn’t it cost 47 trillion to keep the same health care system we have no I don’t think it adds to 32 trillion to the 47 trillion we have currently but we would be saying 15 trillion.. we definitely don’t have the best health care system in the world I think it’s time to figure out how we can improve our health care system

    • Here in New Zealand, I pay $16 for 3 months supply of lipitor, 40mg. Identical product in the US? US$774. That’s your unbridled free market capitalism for you… My cost is subsidised by taxes at around $65. Similar in Australia, UK, Canada, Europe…. Seems only Americans like paying 5-10x more than anyone else. Such a corrupt, stupid country, like your president.

    • Elron how do you know what the Netherlands is like when you’ve never even been there, you mouth breathing cave ape? Every other developed country has better health care than America, for way less money. Do you not understand basic math, Trumpanzee?

    • Elron okay the only way to get surgery quicker in America is if you pay for said elective procedure and you can still buy insurance and skip lines in Canada and the same article ben Shapiro is talking about says Medicare (which is the most popular health care provider in America) says it saves 330 billion and covers everyone so no matter what it saves money and you can build more hospital and hire more doctors if we rearrange funding instead of increasing military spending by 100 billion and giving the wealthy a tax cut use that money on middle and lower classes

    • Elron sounds superior but couldn’t pass through Congress very unorganized even ben Shapiro didn’t agree how trumpcare Hoe the process and outcome of the plan was carried out

  3. I don’t like his healthcare plans, but two things you got wrong:
    1. Why didn’t you link the article?
    2. The study showed that the Medicare plan would actually save the US 2 trillion dollars.

  4. Wow you are shaken by the fact that libertarians are Coming to realize that a healthy society cannot have a stable economy without healthy people. The market has failed to serve the people when it comes to healthcare. It is time to rethink the roll of our government. #medicareforall

    • Matthew Baker Corn is fucking bad for the environment asides from being a sugary junk crop. Grass fed cows are actually carbon negative (the soil bacteria in pastures takes care of all the methane) and their meat and dairy is healthier. Their butter is softer and yellower from all the vitamins you’re missing out on. Lack of vitamin K2 promotes tooth decay and atherosclerosis; it apparently functions by removing the calcium from your arteries and putting it where it’s supposed to go.

    • Matthew Baker Then why did certain groups of humans evolve lactase persistence? Evolution can happen very fast. European genetics from ten or twenty thousand years ago show that they were lactose intolerant. Nowadays very few are lactose intolerant while the majority of East Asians for example remain lactose intolerant. The Indians have been eating dairy for far longer. Why do you think they worship the cow? Historically many of them are vegetarians and the only way to survive as a vegetarian without supplements that didn’t exist yet was by not being a vegan. Which would require dairy or maybe eggs.

    • Marcs Delgdo fake libertarians. Real libertarians realize that extortion is bad. Bernie Sanders loves extortion and aggression.

    • Marcs Delgdo but you are right about rethinking the role of government. Specifically, the government should completely get out of business of healthcare.

  5. Hilariously these idiots ignore the fact that the CURRENT system we have will cost $49 trillion over the next decade, meaning the universal healthcare would SAVE us money while providing medical coverage to everyone!

    But hey, does Ben Shapiro (aka funded by the Koch Brothers) care about that? OF COURSE not, he doesn’t care that tens of thousands of people die every year due to lack of heath care or that medical bills is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the country, so long as he is being enriched by his wealthy donors, he’ll continue to spread propaganda like the soulless cretin that he is.

    • Healthcare, like all emergency services is demand inelastic. Hence markets can never work in those areas. The same applies with natural monopolies.

    • EXACTLY, but these cretins don’t care, they’d rather line their pockets with cash than save lives. This is the type of crony capitalism/corporatism that us “socialists” (of course we’re social democrats but the right refuses to acknowledge that) are fighting against.

    • Jon Klyne you should understand the economic argument as well. medicare for all 2 percent administrative costs compared to 14 percent for private industry. No need for profit, advertisements, lobbyists, campaign funding for congressman and senators. It would in fact be so efficient that it becomes a highly deflationary event which would need something like a Fed jobs guarantee to balance out. Ben Shapiro needs to learn how the US monetary system works.

  6. I always hear this story always from right wing commentators, that once we get Medicare for all, it will cost in the trillions of dollars in a decade.well what they don’t tell you is that a free market healthcare system will cost twice the amount in the same time. He also forgets that across the board we rank worst in giving the U.S. population adequate healthcare and I forget isn’t he the guy who said on fox news, that our military budget is somewhat high but we should cut social security?

  7. But that’s cheaper than the current system. Next.

    Conservatard arguments fall down by leftist logic. Go watch Secular Talk.

    • Anon ymous
      That’s 3.8 trillion in 2014 alone. That 32.6 trillion is the amount it would cost in a ten year timespan. Under that same 10 year time span, under our current system, it would cost more than a medicare for all system.

    • Darren
      No it’s not. The system would be completely replaced by medicare for all. Meaning the money we spend will no longer go to the current system but the new one.

    • Emphasis on “CURRENT system”. No one is arguing for our current system, certainly not Republicans. We currently have a garbage HEAVILY regulated pseudo-privatized system that causes huge amounts of administrative costs. What Conservatives argue for is a deregulated free market system that incentivizes people to go into medicine in order to increase supply of doctors thereby decreasing medical costs, similar to how elective medicare is set up such as plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, etc.

    • Leftist logic isn’t logic, logic isn’t full of people who believe in 50 genders and have zero understanding in economics.

  8. If they do it successfully over there; “It’s not socialism!”

    if they want to try it over here; “OMG communism!”

  9. A Canadian woman just got a $900k bill for giving birth in an American hospital. Health care doesn’t have to be FREE, but how about AFFORDABLE?

  10. Bernie Sanders is going to bankrupt our country, by saving us money, covering everyone, and making sure we don’t pay deductibles, copays, or insurance companies.

    • The only people who lose out would be the people who worked for the insurance companies, they’d be losing their jobs, but if you’re going to create jobs just for the sake of jobs you might as well have the government employ them as puppy stompers or something like that.

    • Marcel Duchamp’s Fidget Spinner
      A medicare for all system will require workers to make this work. So more than likely most of those people will be offered government jobs that probably pays better than their current ones. Also, there’s nothing stopping a private insurance company from existing. A medicare for all system just simply makes sure everyone is covered and has access to some form of healthcare. If people feel a private insurer is better than they are free to go that route.

  11. Ok Ben we would pay 49 trillion over 10 years if we stay with the plan we have now, so this is simply misleading.

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